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Monday, March 3, 2014

TICKity Blah!

Ah, the joys of living in the country.

With a couple of days of warm weather (70's),
it seemed to prompt some disgusting
critters to venture out to play.

Mix that with two little boys that like to 
kick leaves and bushes, 
play in the dirt and venture off the cleared path and 
you have the perfect makings of a tick party!
Yuk and double itchy yuk!

I would have taken pictures but just looking
at those things gives me the
heebie jeebies!
As a Mama, getting them off
as quick as possible and doing 
body scans is the only thing on my mind,
not getting the camera for show and tell.

Today, I will be investigating to see if 
there are some natural
tick repellents for man
and yard because I ain't having this!
If you have any suggestions,

This reminds me of our late Summer/early Fall
adventures at my Grandparents lake cabin
in Minnesota, when I was a kid.
I was the lucky one that always got them.
Go figure.

during my absence, I've worked on 
the fireplace only a little
(You know, because the weather).

The yard got spruced up instead with a 
straight and perfect picket fence
and the walkway arbor is now complete by
Petunia's painting hand (of course a little "green"
persuasion always helps).

Mr. FPH built a deck with
recycled material from a job
and the iron gazebo has a
new home in the yard.

The boys and I planted two
Cecil Brunner roses on opposing
sides and I cannot wait until we get some new
shoots stretching up!
These two potted roses came with us from CA
and have so patiently been waiting
to stretch their roots (eight months?!) :)

Today, we work on the fireplace since
we have a rainy day!
I was going to paint it white then
antique it but I ventured into
Perfectly Imperfect a few days ago and picked up
some chalk paint in French Linen.

Time to get to work! 

See ya soon

xo, Amber

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amber!
    The outside is looking fabulous...love the little pergola/arbor in the front.



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