Monday, January 11, 2016

Too Much

Oh, you know, next week, the week after. The days and weeks
have somehow managed to run together.
I am not complaining one bit because I know that 
every moment I am busy is one moment closer to
having the doors slung open. 
There is an unbelievable amount of work
that has to go into opening a commercial
business. I think I have all my i's dotted and 
my t's crossed then there's one more thing
that needs to be done.
We're still a ways away from opening but
it doesn't mean I'm not working.
Today, I crossed time out to catch up on my
other duties. I'm sure not everything will get crossed off the list
but there's always tomorrow, right?
Saturday, we took a "business" trip across the river 
to Georgia. I say a business trip because
we were looking for dishes for the bakery
and whatever else we could find that we need.
I just find it foolish to pay for brand new stuff
when old, vintage pieces are more charming
and lend to the feel we want for the bakery.

Well, I'm happy to say we succeeded in filling our
quota for plates! Now my hunt continues
for serving pieces, tea/coffee cups and
more forks and spoons. 
I'm pretty confident those will be filled rather quickly as well.

I have been baking almost every day since before Thanksgiving.
That has been my life so decorating the house and doing 
home improvements have been put to the back burner until
I get some routine back.
And no, sometimes the beds don't get made. :)

I'm not sure how often I will be able to post but
I will still pop back every now and again.
I want to share the happenings at the bakery but want 
to make sure that's what you want to read about. 
Yes or no?

I hope your New Year is starting well and things are going
as you plan. I take it one day at a time.
 If I don't get it right today, there's always tomorrow. 

Hugs and Love!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Blessings

I have so much to catch you up on!
I have been working 'round the clock
and I am so, SO behind in all things Christmas.
{I haven't even sent Christmas cards out}

I have been blessed with so much and am so 
grateful for everyone who has made my dream
come true with their continued support of the Bakery. 

Every day that passes is one day closer to opening the doors
and that makes my heart so happy.

I will fill you in next week when I have a few days scheduled off.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a New Year
filled with love and all things good.

love, Amber

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Side To Share, Again

Thanksgiving is almost here!
I shared this recipe last year (afterward) but
wanted to freshen your memory in case you
needed an extra vegetable side or are taking
a dish to a gathering.
You will not regret making these, I promise!

Click any photo to take you to the recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A day in the life...

Well hello!
I hope you are all doing well.
It's been quite the whirlwind around here lately
with all the wonderful things going on,
that sitting down to edit photos and journal,
has been pushed to the back burner.

One thing that brings me calm and peace
on the crazy days {every day} are my girls.
My little piece of a farm heaven consists merely of hens
and just like any other crazy chicken lady,
I think mine are exceptional.

These girls keep us pretty well stocked
unless I have recipes that call
for multiple eggs, but
 I would love to add a few more layers.

We'll wait for Spring for
those Easter egger babies!

I turned the girls out in the garden the other day 
hoping they'd till up the soil.
No. They were more interested in the grass and
dried meal worms I threw out to entice them to cross
the coop threshold. 
We'll try again today.

I took a fun video to post but being the 
non-technical guru that I am,
I am having issues. I'll keep trying.

If you're interested in what we're doing at the bakery,
click the link on the upper right
that says FPH Bakery and 
you'll be transported!

See you all soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall at FPH

Yes, it's been a while. I am finished with my day job
and am back to work for me.
Our poor house was neglected for about 6 weeks
so I've been playing catch up the last few days.
I finally had a chance to take a few photos
of the house with Fall decor.
I don't do much but a little jewel tone
surely does wonders.

Our living room...

Into the dining room....

I just dyed the chandelier shades. They were originally white
but to me, they just didn't "go" so I started with pink
and that was a hmmm, not quite,
so I went with a mink color.

Oh, that red wall. I will leave it alone until after the holidays since it's so festive.

and the kitchen...

I keep stacking my vintage mis-matched china on the cabinets that
I've been hunting and collecting for the bakery.
I'm running out of room!

My kitchen is rather cramped these days with the huge
industrial rack in there that holds all of my baking essentials.
We haven't been able to sit in the window seat either since it's piled with
bakery stuff. It's going to be a day of celebration
when we are moving all of this out of the house and into the boutique.
A day I look very forward to!

Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.