Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Tour

I would like to say Thank You to 

Miss. Tina {What We Keep} for inviting
The French Pressed Home to be a part of this fun blog tour.

I don't feel worthy! 
Lately, my pictures {and content} have been lacking
especially since I've been camera-less and my hands have been stuck to caulking guns and paint brushes.

Thank you Tina.

You have become one of my Blog Author BF's!
I love a girl with some SASS!

 Okay, let's do this!

1. What am I working on?

Lately, it's been the house.


Last year we bought our fixer that was a 
2 bedroom, 2.5 bath and have converted it
to a 4 bedroom, 3 full bath without adding square footage
{I know a guy that performs miracles like that}.


It's been a long renovation year but I see light
at the end of the tunnel!
It won't be long before the remainder 
of the house is complete.
When we order flooring,
then I'll know it's almost time to relax and enjoy.

I am also working on (re)launching my business
since closing it before we moved.
I have had the hardest time making a decision
 between a Brick and Mortar 

{The cutest store in town}

 or working from home, doing
juried shows and planning for the next phase.

The latter of the two has won out.

It has taken longer than anticipated but there's been this big thing called THE HOUSE that has taken over my creative hands lately.

In the near future we will be building a studio in the back 40
{a glorified shed} so I have a place to work.
It'll be going behind the clothesline with a view to the woods.

My business boxes have yet to be opened since
packing them over a year ago.
How sad is that?!

Since my boys have started school, my hands have become extremely itchy!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think I am a little different because I am not a
 Shabby Whites kind of girl.
I LOVE Shabby but am drawn to the "dark" side.
I love French. 
I love to paint furniture black. 
A room full of black is a turn off but
if you have just that one piece... WOW!

{Yes, I did this!}

I'm a Toile fanatic but in controlled doses.
I like refined but worn.
Country living with a French twist
is my favorite style. 

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

My blog started as a creative outlet. When I lived in CA,
I loved to blog about places to see and shop. I blogged about
upcoming shows, Barn Sales, what I was working on and sharing my home.
In the past year, it's been mostly about the renovation on the house and a little bit about where we live.

It will evolve to something more and now that I have 
uninterrupted time, I can focus and hone my skills, both writing and photographing.

I love doing what I do because I love pretty things.
Not just things, I like creating comfortable places that make
you want to sit and stay a while. 

4. How does your writing/ creating process work?

Writing: By my mood.
I am a sassy pants by nature.
In my writing, I will throw some 
tongue-in-cheek in there because there's nothing
greater than making someone laugh, chuckle or smile.

Some people don't get my sense of humor
but that's okay, I can be serious when need be.

Creatively: I am inspired by the European way of life.
 Visiting the Countryside of Italy really did me in.

Moving to the South {for me} is the closest thing to 
living off the land and hanging on to things from the past.

I am inspired by the history of the old homes we live among,
the history of our Country and being able to see and touch
all of that. 
{This is where the Bonnie Plant farm started!}

We didn't have so much of this kind of history, 
living in CA.
There's nothing quite as inspiring than rubbing your hands on a piece of architecture that is crackled from years 
of weathering and layers of paint. 

I am not lying when I say it is breathtaking being here.
There's a huge difference between reading about something
and standing before it and feeling it. 

Now that's enough about me!
I had a heckuva time trying to find willing participants to continue the tour but I finally got one taker!

Meet Teresa {and Sophie} from

Teresa and I have been blog buddies for a long
time and her decorating is over the top!
Sophie is her little cutie that loves to steal the show.

Here's a little taste of 1800 Farmhouse Rd

How inspiring now that September is here,
don't ya think?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

While the Cat's Away...

...The mice will be working their butts off!
Dead blog time means 

Guest room-DONE.
Well, the construction of it is except for
furniture, decor and flooring.
The important stuff is there,
the BED! 

Ready for our company tonight!

Hope they like the view of the woods.
Cruddy picture so when the new
camera is in my hands, I will 
give you a glimpse of the spectacular view.
Trust me on this one. 
Squint your eyes, you might see it. 

Have a good weekend!
We'll be eating lots of BBQ!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Toile de jute


My planned day went a little askew today
because this morning, I became the 
Contractors helper at his job.
So, no painting the boys room.
I came home at lunch, took a break
then took a quick tour of the house
to see what I could muster up before the 
kiddlywinks came home from school.


I mounted the rods yesterday basically
to keep them from becoming swords.

And as you read in the last post, I had
planned to use burlap.
I dug out my dusty trusty sewing machine
and whizzed away!

I put the first two panels up on either
side of the mantle.

I left them long because I love the puddled
look and it hides the outlet down below.

I love how cozy the great room is feeling.

Taking pictures (even with the point and shoot)
is actually a good thing. 
It lets you analyze the room differently.

I have lots of room for adding some art
so as I'm out and about, I'll keep
these areas in mind. 
I will be looking for more small frames
as well, for family photos. 

The fireplace still needs some trim down at the bottom.
We (he) ripped out the beautiful white tile stage
that sucked up so much floor space.
It's so much better now!

Doesn't Lucy just fit so well in this room?
She's definitely a French Pressed cat! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Holy matrimony,
have we been working on the house!
Company's comin' next week so it's been 
a storm of projects getting (somewhat) done.
In the last several weeks,
we've added two bedrooms (converted loft),
a bathroom (in the loft),
caulked and repainted the 
great room (and I do mean great). 
Our two bedroom, two bath house
is being converted to a four bedroom,
three bath h.o.m.e.

It's nice to have a Contractor living under
the same roof!
Well... kind of, but that's a whole other story.

I picked up our newly reupholstered couch cushions a few days ago and am
absolutely in love with them. I desperately need throw pillows
but I'll pick those up along the way because
I am very unlucky in finding what I want if I go out
on a hunt for them. 
I will probably end up making some of my own then
finding one or two special pillows for an accent.

Excuse my fabulous pictures.
Still haven't gotten my replacement camera
{I gave the Mr. a reminder this morning} so
I used my state of the art flip phone. 
Don't laugh.

Drapes are next for this room.
I am going to whip out some burlap for now just 
because I have a whole bolt of it.

The exciting thing for me is being able to unpack
more of our treasures!

Now I can visualize where things will go.
I waited since every log and every bit of tongue and groove
wood, was white washed. 
Not really the French Country look.

So now, I'm off to continue my floor scraping.
Somehow drywall mud, caulking and paint
magically appeared under the painters tarps.

Can't wait to show you more
with real pictures!

** If you are new to my blog, Welcome!
Glad to have you visit and I hope you come back.
I'll be sharing my Blog Tour on September 1 but I'll be posting more updates before then. Hope to see you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Package numéro un

I love Google Translate. 
Not sure if it's always right but I like to 
click on the speaker to hear French

Package number one...
My bread plates have arrived
ahead of schedule and I just got
an email from my etsy friend
that my bowls are on their way!

I will be looking for more 
Bristol~ Crown Ducal~
England pieces!

I love how this bread plate
nestles so nicely in the salad plate.

Hey, there are only a few but
it's a beautiful beginning to 
a fabulous collection!

Are you a collector of transferware?
I'd love to see it!