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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rainy Days

Not much outdoor painting going on since
we've had on and off rainy days so,
I'm tackling the fireplace now.

I've got an applique put in place, it's caulked,
the insert has a fresh coat of hi-heat black 
{including the beautiful gold trim}
and it's ready for me to pick up some paint!
We will also remove the "hearth". 
It's way to big and ugly.

We were going to take it out
{it's a gas one with no flue}
and replace it with a wood stove
{which is an awesome heat source and I
love the smell of a fire-outside}
but I really like the fireplace surround
and I know it's going to be beautiful
when it's done
{and a great selling focal point}.

My inspiration is my old
boutique space we did:

As with all the other rooms, 
we've got some work to do
here in the great room too:
Windows, drywall, paint, new drapes and 
new furniture {hear the angels ahhhhing?}.

This room will look quite different.
See the log ends sticking out?
Adios, to those and the walls will 
be drywall all the way up to the 
ceiling line (yes, covering some of the wood).
 Pickled wood is 
just a bit too much for this room
because the ceiling is too, which will
get a coat of fresh white paint for the 
ultimate cottage feel.
The fireplace wall, however, will remain
the same for a rustic look.

Yeah, one day at a time.

Dinner's on the stove and the 
babies are starving.

See ya again soon!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Outside Paint

I took some photos late this evening while
 it was a wee bit on the dark side
but I wanted to post a little something so 
bear with me!

I will take some more tomorrow during
the light of day because it is
definitely brighter than these photos show.
Only the left side is painted but
the rest is primed, ready and waiting!

Before, during Summer:

During (left side after) in dead of Winter:

I LOVE how crisp it looks!

Our roof is actually a light cream tin and
the color of the trim complements is perfectly.

{the trim is still in primer except on the far right in the photo below}

We decided to paint our front door black but not
 until we build the new front porch which will
span the entire left side.

We (he) had to rip the old one down because:
A. He kept hitting his head on it.
B. It was rotted and poorly constructed.

Obviously we still have A LOT of work to do!

We temporarily took down the picket fence so we could
work on some other stuff.
I need to bleach and power wash it (vinyl)
then we're bringing it into the yard another foot or so.

The past two days we "detoured" and worked in the yard
instead, cutting down a big nuisance tree
and the root ball of its offspring.

I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we're nuts because
all we used to cut down that 60 foot tree
were a ladder, a sawzall, tie-downs and the truck.


Then we cut back our Crepe Myrtles and 
transplanted a few into my 
"newly designed" front yard.

Like I said, we still have
A LOT of work to do!

Once spring hits, the yard will green up, my
newly planted bare roots will blossom
and the house will almost be complete!

Complete... that can't come soon enough.
I might be dreaming but hey, every day is
one day closer, right?

See ya soon.

xo, Amber

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paint and a Purchase

Okay, so I was going to share the paint color
with you on this post, I know.
The rain finally stopped late last night and today,
we got a gorgeous day of warm sunshine.
Even though it was in the low 50's,
those rays of warmth felt so good!

So today, we decided to let the house dry out a little.

Unfortunately, some areas we painted the other day 
 did not dry before we got the rain
(painted too late in the day)
so we'll have to go back and fix that
and continue on!
I'll be painting trim and windows tomorrow
so I can get the cotton pickin' paper
 off the glass because 
I am a LET THE LIGHT IN, kind of gal.

~During my rainy day down time,
I was looking for some new blogs to follow and 
I love her style and noticed she has an Etsy.

Guess where I went and
guess what I did?

Oh yes I did.

Here's what I bought:

... as a set, even!

I could not resist the colors and
I cannot wait to get it all!

{The cost for these lovelies? A mere $80!}

Although I do not know exactly where these goodies
are going to be used, this was not a compulsive purchase.

For the past few days, 
I thought about it, 
checked on it (a bunch of times
to make sure it hadn't sold and finally decided that 
even if I don't use these items now,
I know I will one day in the not-too-far future.

I knew I would have regrets if I didn't get them 
and am so glad I did. Now, I am eagerly 
awaiting the email saying 
'They've Shipped'
{although I know it's gonna be a while since
they're shipping from PA and she might be without power right now}.

Let's hope not.
Okay, so if you head over to Farmhouse Supply,
don't buy the 
1. farmhouse baskets
 2. the silver salt and pepper shakers
3. the white ironstone pitchers and candlesticks, or
4. the white pillows, K?

I have dibs on those.  ;)

See ya soon with some pictures of 
the HOUSE!

xo, Amber

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple Pleasure

We went on an adventure last weekend mainly to find
a particular hardware store that carries certain supplies
that we need for our home.

We had fun exploring this town and 
found a boat launch off the road
with a dock so we stopped.

I'll let the pictures tell you how much fun the boys had.

Everything new is fun....

Next time,
we'll remember our fishing poles.

Guess what? We started painting the outside of the cottage!
It's all primed which made it look a million
times better. 
We started painting yesterday but had to stop...
Rain, rain go away.
Now it'll be a few days till we can continue.

I am in love with our chosen color.
I won't tell. You'll have to see in the 
next post. :)

Stay warm (and dry)!

xo, Amber

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fluffy Love

If we lived on a farm,
this little boy would come home with us.

With two dogs and a cat (not to mention the boys),
we have enough animals galloping 
through our small cottage
and I really don't want to have another
baby in the house right now.

But  dang, he's cute!

I'm told he's a mutt because his
 Mama and Daddy look like mutts
but the Shelter seems to think he's got Collie
in him.

Since I am working on the new 
and writing a weekly article
for the town paper,
I've been comparing him to different breeds.
He's built like a Pyrenees but
has the classic color and mask of a 
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Whatever he is, he's gonna be big.

If he's any of those breeds I mentioned,
he'd make an excellent ranch or farm dog
since all those breeds are herding
and protecting dogs.

Sigh, he's soooo cute.

I hope he finds a great home.

If you are looking for a new four
legged family member,
PLEASE visit your local Animal Shelter.
There are so many dogs, cats, kittens and
puppies looking for homes.

p.s. If you are local to me, this little boy
wants to meet you! You can see him at 
the Bullock County Humane Society
(334)738-7387 and ask for Judy.
His intake number is 14031C

xo, Amber

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not Seeing Red

So the proverbial rule is to 
"live with it for two days".
Well, how about several months?

It just isn't working for me and
I just ain't feelin' it.

I think such a bold color is too much for 
this cottage and quite honestly,
it just doesn't go.

I haven't told the Mr.

I will wait till he's got a project 
a little further from home
before I make over
made over wall.

Now to choose a new color to compliment
what we have.

Decisions, decisions.

I'll keep ya posted.

And DON'T tell the Mr.

xo, Amber