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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not Seeing Red

So the proverbial rule is to 
"live with it for two days".
Well, how about several months?

It just isn't working for me and
I just ain't feelin' it.

I think such a bold color is too much for 
this cottage and quite honestly,
it just doesn't go.

I haven't told the Mr.

I will wait till he's got a project 
a little further from home
before I make over
made over wall.

Now to choose a new color to compliment
what we have.

Decisions, decisions.

I'll keep ya posted.

And DON'T tell the Mr.

xo, Amber


  1. I think I like it! But then, I am not there so if it is not working for you, then it must go!
    Love the rooster.

    1. Thanks Kay! I've been thinking about the wall since I posted (today) and came up with a great solution. I'm going to paint it back to the original color then glaze it giving it an old world look. I've had stuck in my head to repaint the dining table and chairs for a while now an am leaning towards some French Country colors. Chalk paint is sounding really good right now but I'll paint the wall first then decide on the rest later. :)

  2. You answered the question I was going to ask..A different red or whole different color?
    Another alternative? Glaze over the red to mute into a muddy red from long ago? and even sand off spots? If you screw it up you just prime and repaint anyway. lol

    1. Maybe I will try that Suzan because you are right, I can just paint over it if it looks horrible. I was looking at wallpaper too. I'm getting a sample of a distressed brick. If it looks as good as the picture, I may go that route. Who knows!

  3. I adored the red too! It’s kind of something for me, hidden meaning, maybe? However, you can choose another for a change. Lovely chandelier, by the way!

    Sebastian Chuter


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