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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bird Nests and Butterflies...

Bird nests and butterflies, both things I have collected unintentionally and by accident.

The first bird nest was extracted from a light fixture that was being repaired for a neighbor.
It was built wedged between the glass and the brass candelabra in a porch light.
It had been vacant for quite some time, it appeared, so I carefully took it out and
wrapped it in some packing paper to retain its shape.
The alternative was to be poked out by a stick and thrown in the garbage.

The second nest was sadly found in our trailer. We had a leak in the roof and had left the door open to air it out and these sweet birds took advantage and built their nest inside and laid eggs.

Unfortunately, we didn't know and didn't discover it until last winter.
My husband had brought it in, in gloved hands.

The eggs are so tiny, about the size of Robin Egg Easter candy.
I was saddened by this discovery. I could only imagine the frantic mother
desperately trying to get in. Poor thing.

Having purchased some glass domes that were sitting empty,
I knew these nests would be beautiful inside them.
Being able to study the intricacy of these constructed abodes without touching them
would be a great thing to teach the boys.

The butterflies were absolutely an accident.
Springtime in the South is prolific with many, many flying bugs, butterflies included.

After returning home one day after a trip to town, I happened to look outside and see
a bright yellow butterfly resting on my truck.
Permanently resting, that is.
Poor thing! I'm sure it didn't feel a thing.

The second one was pretty much a text book copy of the first.
Same destination and return, same situation.
I feel like a murderer.

Well, I decided to honor my victims and place them inside
each nest dome to live eternally.

Although beautiful, these displays are bittersweet to me
and a reminder of how fragile life is and how
it can be taken without a moments notice.

We live in such a rushed state, sometimes it's
good to slow down and pay attention to the little things.
The smell of a rose, the sight of flickering lightning bugs
or just the smell of your child's hair.

I hope you have an observant day. xo

Monday, June 22, 2015


Thank you all for taking the time to comment on your favorite things.
You all have given me the motivation to get the
 boutique opened and I now
have more of an idea of what I should carry. Everything! 
I was overwhelmed by the response so again, Thank YOU! :)

Since there are three groupings, 
I have decided to pick one person for each!
If you are the lucky recipient, please follow the directions at the end of this post so that I may get these shipped out later this week.

And the winners are......

{This is the one thing I dislike about contests; there can only be one winner.
 I wish I could do for everyone!}

A~ Betsy from Betsy's Heartstrings

B~ Tina from What We Keep

C~ The Rustic Victorian

These ladies have some beautiful blogs! I hope you do link over to visit them.

To the winners: Please email me at TheFrenchPressedHome@gmail.com (copy and paste)
 with your full name and mailing address. I would love to get your goodies to you quickly!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Anniversary Giveaway!

Let's just cut to the chase!

All items are genuine French Pressed Home goods
except for the canvas and t-shirt printing ~ I can't do that! 

The giveaway will run till Sunday, June 21, 2015, 5:00 pm.
Winners will be announced on my Monday morning post.

One entry per person!

Name your choice in the comments below.

Best of luck!

Linked with Coastal Charm!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Show Must Go On

I promise you, I have not forgotten about my giveaway!
The past couple of weeks has been a rough in our household. Both boys had strep
with one also having the flu. The one that didn't get it (my manager above), finally did
and it was the most horrendous bout of the flu I have ever experienced.
Thankfully, he finally broke his fever after five {5!!} days and is improving.
For me, when the boys are sick, they want mama at their side, so
I haven't touched my projects for my giveaway.

I apologize.

I have been attempting to post a video for your viewing pleasure
for the past two days, to no avail. It might be too long (?) but
there's no way I can shorten it. I will continue to try though because I know
you will thoroughly enjoy it.
And I better figure this out for future use!

This post will get us through the weekend
and on Monday, I'll be sharing the GOODS! :)

Stay healthy, stay cool and ENJOY Summer!