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Friday, September 27, 2013

Burlap and Pumpkins

One would think that since we moved into our
new home on July 4th, we'd be completely
unpacked and be in full swing of things.

That's funny.

I know my boxes of Fall decor are hidden in the
wee corner of the trailer we have yet to fully unpack. 

I'll get to it this weekend because 
we've got company coming next Saturday
and putting up some decor
might distract from all the other unfinished projects!

If all else fails,
I have a full bolt of burlap
waiting to be cut into
and a yard full of natural
supplies to make some more of those
cute burlap pumpkins plus
the pumpkin patch opens this weekend.
We'll be fine.

I have an idea.
I'll share with you on the next post.

Happy Fall Decorating!

xo, Amber

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Makings of a Cottage

I am so excited that we are starting to work
on the outside of our cottage.
{No, we are nowhere near finishing the interior}


After yesterday, I can really say it's more
cottage than log.



The log ends have been cut off!

Bruce has been putting his chintzy
chainsaw to good use but
on our list of purchases:
a new gas powered chainsaw
with a little more oomph.

The corners will be trimmed out
and after painting,
it will look like a true cottage.

Now, let's talk about bees...

Wood boring bees to be exact 
which are new to us Westies.

They are a wee bit territorial 
and let you know they do not want 
you to get near their holes, 
which are were in our house.

Bruce kebashed MANY of them.

One day soon the holes will be filled 
and they will have to choose a new location
for their home.

Now to paint color...

We would have gone with a clean white and black
scheme but there are so many homes
here with those colors that we 
don't want to be copy cats even though
I LOVE the look.

No creamy yellows -  not us.

Red... hmmm... no, unless we were on 
sprawling acreage with a barn to match. ;)

Winner: a gray/green
with white trim
and black shutters and doors.

Can't wait!

Bruce made a new friend who
is painting the house that he is working on.
He came over yesterday so we could talk
about it. He's going to paint our
house for us and Bruce is gonna do 
some work for him.
Bartering - gotta love it.

I am so excited to put some photos side by side
of before and after.
The day is coming very, very soon.

Until the house is painted, the garden over haul
will wait. I'm still in the planning stage for that.

One thing that will stay is the Lantana.
Love it!

See you again soon!

xo, Amber

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Morning Delight!

I love  the early morning.
It's "my time" to have a little solitude
before the house slowly
This morning, Bruce enjoyed it with me.
We pulled a couple of chairs 
up to the nook where we are
going to put a little table for two
so we could take in the morning coolness
{it's starting to feel like Autumn!}
and smell the rain.
Right outside the window
was this little girl.
We watched her for a while as she watched us.
She was fixated on us but she stayed
long enough for me to capture the moment.

Have a beautiful weekend.

xo, Amber

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coffee anyone?

I know one of the biggest taboo's in the 
creative world is to change 
your branded name.


I'm doing it anyway.

Life is about change 
{and boy, did we make a 
big life change a couple of months ago!}.

When I opened Black Rooster Cottage
several years ago, I didn't know 
what it would become or what
it would bring to me.

I thought it was just a creative outlet.
Well, that's what my intentions were.
It brought so much more.
Extra money; a chance to make things that I love 
which come to find out, others loved them too,
a place to stage a Boutique and create and re-create 
rooms that changed with the season or
just because I wanted them to.
To travel around to different venues.
 But the best part of all,
are the friendships I made along the way.

I look back at photos from my first "show" at
the Winery and think about how
scared I was. 

I was clueless but excited.
I did good! 
Especially among 
the other vendors selling sunglasses, Jamaican
sundresses, dog leashes and honey.
Having the Winery owner
buy from me was a HUGE boost.

And looking at photos from both my last shows with
The Vintage Marketplace
to the showroom I rented at Granny's,
the evolution  of Black Rooster Cottage 
has become exactly who I am. 
Who WE are.

...My love for Country. 
My love for refined French and European.
My LOVE for crisp Black and
rough burlap.
Mixing of old, new, rough & refined
and Eclectic.

That's me.
That's my family {kinda by force}. ;)

And that is the home we are creating.

I  plan on keeping my  BRC domain because 
it is a huge part of our family but
we have found H.O.M.E....

The French Pressed Home.

Although I am not of French decent,
 I love what French signifies.
Simple beauty.
Beautiful sights.
Delicious smells.
{And my beloved Coffee.} 

That's what our home is about.
That's what we want our friends and family
to feel when they enter through the doors
of our home.

Moving to the South has opened our senses,
released our stresses and has given us
what we have so longed for. 
Peace. Love. Happiness. 

The comfort we feel here
is indescribable.

You know you are home when
you are comfortable even though
everything is new and foreign.

I picked The French Pressed Home
for several reasons
{First, let me say, Bruce isn't
crazy about the name because he said it's confusing.
I don't understand that but whatever,
it'll grow on him}:

Coffee. I love it. 
A true 
French Pressed coffee is nothing
short of delicious.
Distinct. Smooth. Dark. Aromatic.
Also,  French Pressed says to me {in a decor sense},
Crisp. Laundered. Bold. Clean lines.

That's how I feel our home is {becoming}.

In remodeling our Cottage and designing our dream home,
it has just flowed naturally.
As I continue to open boxes and slowly
put things up, I have discovered that
I have been collecting, creating, honing my skills
for this exact house.
Maybe that's why I was so uneasy in the last house.
Who would have known?

With this blog, I will take the time to make it more
than BRC's was. 
I will learn how to do things beyond the basics.
I will learn how to post video.
I will add pages.
I will add click and print things.
I will learn how to do more.

And, down the road I know I will get back to
my "creating for others"  place, and start 
selling again. But for now,
we're building our home and 
I don't want to play  tug-o-war
between the two.
I want my heart to be completely into
what I am doing at the moment.
Plus I got two handsome little boys
I need to absorb more of before they
start "out of the house" school  and 
a daughter that I need to cheer on at
her Volleyball games!

This blog will be about our adventure in 
starting a new life, creating a beautiful
Cottage home, sharing recipes, 
throwing in some of life's wisdom's but 
mostly,  making you feel like
you're sitting right in my kitchen
sipping a true French Press cafe
and having a chocolat croissant.

~Live the life you love~