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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Makings of a Cottage

I am so excited that we are starting to work
on the outside of our cottage.
{No, we are nowhere near finishing the interior}


After yesterday, I can really say it's more
cottage than log.



The log ends have been cut off!

Bruce has been putting his chintzy
chainsaw to good use but
on our list of purchases:
a new gas powered chainsaw
with a little more oomph.

The corners will be trimmed out
and after painting,
it will look like a true cottage.

Now, let's talk about bees...

Wood boring bees to be exact 
which are new to us Westies.

They are a wee bit territorial 
and let you know they do not want 
you to get near their holes, 
which are were in our house.

Bruce kebashed MANY of them.

One day soon the holes will be filled 
and they will have to choose a new location
for their home.

Now to paint color...

We would have gone with a clean white and black
scheme but there are so many homes
here with those colors that we 
don't want to be copy cats even though
I LOVE the look.

No creamy yellows -  not us.

Red... hmmm... no, unless we were on 
sprawling acreage with a barn to match. ;)

Winner: a gray/green
with white trim
and black shutters and doors.

Can't wait!

Bruce made a new friend who
is painting the house that he is working on.
He came over yesterday so we could talk
about it. He's going to paint our
house for us and Bruce is gonna do 
some work for him.
Bartering - gotta love it.

I am so excited to put some photos side by side
of before and after.
The day is coming very, very soon.

Until the house is painted, the garden over haul
will wait. I'm still in the planning stage for that.

One thing that will stay is the Lantana.
Love it!

See you again soon!

xo, Amber

1 comment:

  1. Amber! So much fun and work....!
    It will be beautiful because you just do beautiful. I also love the flowering shrubs in front of your fence...glad you are keeping them. they just needed your TLC. It will be fun to see your painting finished won't it! Our home has steel siding and will never need to be painted again in my lifetime. I am a boring person in some aspects. If I love it...I will always love it. Except....the color of our siding was "cream"...and it should have said "light yellow"....I didn't want a light yellow home, I wanted a cream home! But I have given in and just say the yellow house on the right...We are thinking about changing the accent color on the deck to gray. light yellow and gray will look okay, I think.


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