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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tricks and Treats

Having a child with an October
birthday makes for some fun parties.

A few years ago, we had a
Halloween party for her.

Although I'm not a huge fan of
all of that stuff,
Bruce and I had fun 
rigging it all up, 
because he is.

Wanting our front yard to look like
a neglected cemetery, I drove
out to some back roads looking 
for dead trees, branches and junk
to give it a creepy feeling.
I'm sure people that passed watching me load
the stuff thought I was off my rocker.
It turned out pretty cool
especially at night with the lights and fog.

And the inside, lots of webbing.
Those little paper mice are probably
the last thing I ever bought from
Miss. Martha Stewart.
{don't get me started}

And here we are. 
We might have to do this again this year
only I'll have to go buy a wig this time
{this is my real hair, kinda sad, huh??}.

Not sure what to expect
in our new neck of the woods but
I hear our street is the place to be.

Can't wait to see what that's all about!

See ya soon!

xo, Amber

Friday, October 25, 2013

We Have a WINNER!

Giveaways are fun!
Well, unless you are like me
and never win.
That's the one bummer thing about it.
Do you ever think,
"Oooh! I can FEEL I'm gonna win this one,
I just know it!" ?

Then the letdown.
Yeah, me too.

Well, one of you gals are the 
lucky winner of 
Miss. Mustard Seed's 
Inspired You
Marian Parsons.

I knew I wanted to get this 
book from her at
The Chapel Market
because I own one myself
and am proud to say,
And I loved it.

So, I am happy to announce
that after random

You are the winner!

Please email me at

with your address so I can
get this awesome book to you!

And, I'm thinking of another giveaway
a little closer to Christmas.
This time I'll be making a few things
so MORE will win!

Have a great weekend!

xo, Amber

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Chapel Market!

At 9am the bell rung
{I'm assuming because it rang at 10}.
The Chapel Market was open for business!

We arrived a little past 
9:30 and waited in line
for a little bit.

No complaining was heard
except for the 
"Aww... that's so cute. Oh, I want that!"
as we watched ladies carry out their 
fabulous prizes.

I took my man with me so
as we are standing in line, I see the
wheels turning.
Won't say what was said but I'm glad
that I have a lot of years ahead of 
me for all the great ideas
I need to do before, well, you know. 

Here's a few shots from the line.
The Waters is such a cute, quaint development.

Oh, and I bumped into Rhoda
She's so nice! I tell her who I am
and she said, "Oh, yeah!",
which I suppose is  good answer to 
everyone that says their blog name.
Ha! Good enough for me!

I'll share more photos of The Waters at the end.

And, we're in!
I would have liked to take more 
photographs of displays BUT it
was packed and the ones I did get were between
heads and super quick. 

What do I do first?
Scout the room to find 
some familiar blog faces.
Bing, bing, BING!

Layla from The Lettered Cottage 
is right in front of me.
She's adorable!!

We chit chat for a minute and I remind
her of the video she posted on 
Union Springs and how we watched it
over and over before we decided to come
for a visit. 

Right next to her was Miss. Mustard Seed,
Marian Parsons.
She too, is adorable!

Bruce must have been nervous.
 If you squint, it kinda makes it less blurry.

I knew I wanted to pick up
one of her books for my giveaway
because I bought one several
months ago and love it.
It's a great read, not just a decorating
book or a DIY. It talks to you.
You'll love it too.
Hopefully you will win this copy
as I had her sign it for you. 
{Oh, you're welcome!}

Author, Mary Kay Andrews was
there signing books and this was
her release of her new book,
Christmas Bliss.

Next, we shopped Urban Farmgirl.
Cute, cute stuff! Her booth reminded
me of a friends in California.
My big purchase: Mama got a new t-shirt!

In the center was a beautiful flower
cart filled with vibrant color.
I should have bought those 

Then a local gal from Troy,
Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect.
We chit chatted about homeschooling
and her shop. Fun stuff!

Next up, Thistlewood Farm {KariAnne}.
She is so stinkin' cute! 
Loved her {cleared out} booth.
She was embarrassed because she didn't want
people to think she decorated like that.
Gotta love it!

My big SCORE was silverware.
There was no price on the basket so 
I inquired.
"$1 per piece"
Come again?
"Only a dollar?"
"Uh, huh!"
{I rushed over before any eavesdroppers got there first}
1, 2, 3, ....20!
That made my day!

Now, I know KariAnne recognized me
because we sometimes converse back
and forth via email.
She's a Rock Star.

As we start to exit so others can come in,
we stop at the last booth.

E.A.T. South.
They address challenges for creating a healthy
food system across the State to 
develop Food Policy Councils.

In May, 2014, they'll be having a
big shin-dig in Montgomery.
Can't wait to go to that.

And that concludes the 
Chapel Market of 2013!

Here are some more photos of
the area and a few on the way home.

Last but not least, if you are interested in 
entering the giveaway, please let me know in the 
comments. If you don't have an account with 
google, please include your email address so I
can notify you if you win. 
I will edit it out before I post your comment.

Good luck and see ya soon!

xo, Amber

Oh, and I'm linking up to Linda's
Thrifty Tuesday at
Coastal Charm!