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Friday, January 6, 2017

A Time and Place

This blog has been piquing the back of my mind for weeks and weeks. Months, actually.
Always whispering to me to sit down on the laptop and tap some words, share a photo
or two and try and reconnect with my friends, here.

I am not good at doing it anymore, for obvious, current reasons (damn baking/bakery).

 But looking back, I never was "good" at it.
 I didn't work hard on it, try to monetize it or try to capture as many followers as possible.
 That wasn't (still isn't) important to me.
 I enjoy(ed) writing and putting some thoughts out to the universe. 
I shared my home decor business work, shared our move to the South and shared our home
projects. I wish, sometimes, that's where I was, still. All the things I used to "do", have 
taken a back seat to all things baking. The time that's leftover has been grabbed up
by being a mom, homemaker and business owner (which is a big 'ol job of its own).
No more gardening, no more being a chicken momma (yes, I still tend my hens) 
and no more craftswoman.

For everything, there is a reason, a season or a lifetime.
I know the reason for this blog and I also know it had its season.
Now, the branches are barren of leaves.

Life changes.
Focuses are different.
We shift into different roles.
And sometimes, we just have to let go.

For everything, there is a reason.
For everything, there - is - a - reason.

I am beyond ecstatic about opening the bakery
and working in such a beautiful place.

Being able to see people, talk to people and giving
them a piece of my heart. Hopefully I won't have to give
many people a piece of my mind, but I'm ready for that, too.

I am ready to embrace this new life
that has been handed to me
and see what becomes of it.
The unknown is scary, at times, but
I am ready for those butterflies.
I have those butterflies.

So, right now, I want to say,
I love you. Thank you for being a part 
of my blogging life. Comments always,
always, ALWAYS made me smile and feel good.
Thank you.
Even though it will probably be a long while before I touch this page again,
I am not far away. I'm always posting on FB and Instagram.
If you want to stay connected, take your pick:

Instagram - FPH Bakery

xoxoxoxo, Amber

1 comment:

  1. I was thinking about you the other day, Amber, and wondered what had happened to you. I am glad you got the bakery up and running. I will find you on FB and IG. Happy New Year to you. You sound like you are happy and enjoying your new business. xo Diana


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