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Saturday, March 29, 2014


{This post linked to 
From My Front Porch To Yours}


One of the most wonderful natural smells
Mother Earth could provide.

As the days progress,
the trees are bursting with the beautiful
purple flower.

The air is perfumed with the most amazing scent.

Today, it's a bit windy so it's wafting so wonderfully,
you just can't take a deep enough breath.

All of these photos were shot in our backyard.
{click on photos to enlarge for better viewing}

These two photos are looking out over
 the hill behind our home.
We are literally in the tree canopies.

The photo above and below show the vines that 
wrapped themselves around the trees, 
sometimes strangling them to death
which is a shame, as these trees are so 
very old. There are some very majestic
Oaks on our lower property, some to
be said that are registered with 
the National Arbor Society.

I hope your Spring has sprung as ours has.

xo, Amber

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{almost} Done!

Oh, my aching body!

The day before yesterday, we finished the front of the house
with body paint and trim {except the eaves}.

We were determined to get that iron up!

That was the iron piece that I found on CL 
that came off an old Victorian.
I'd say it was worth the $50 and an hour drive!
The curved trim above the window
was not there ever.
Bruce did an amazing job (as usual)
making that trim piece.

Up and down the ladder a bazillion times 
makes for a great workout.

We had planned to add shutters 
but since the windows are trimmed out,
we decided against it.

Trim boards to be added where the arrows are
and I planted two climbing roses on the right 
side of the pop out.

Next weekend we're having some
tractor work done to level all the humps and bumps
so we can either re-seed or sod
then, it's serious business for me...


 These little white flowers are so cute.
I think it's Monkey Grass. Too cute to cut
 (although I desperately want to trim around my roses).
It was been fun watching all of the surprise pop-up flowers.

And the Wisteria is just starting to bloom.
I'll be going around snapping photos of that.
Truly a sight to be seen because it is
everywhere! So happy to see it growing
in our backyard trees!

We have loved the surprise of every season
since we've been here.

I think our house is smiling now.
She sure is purdy. 

Now, on to the next project!

See ya soon,

Friday, March 21, 2014


The scarf that turned into a blanket...
{Thanks to the handiwork of hubby's Mama}

Although it's technically MINE,
everyone likes me to share (of course).

{Maybe Nana will make some smaller ones
 for each of the kids.}

Yeah, that's a hint. 
Just trying to be subtle about it.

The daily musings of the cozy blanket...

am: Boys snuggle in it after they wake up and
luckily it's large enough for the both of them. Later
on, if it's one of those days, they lay and watch TV
with it snugly around them.
pm: Dear daughter snuggles under it while she does 
homework or peruses the web on her ipad.
pm, pm: Mama finally gets her turn. I snuggle under it
till my world turns dark and my husband 
so sweetly caresses  smacks my forehead to tell 
me to go to bed.

My rules for my blanket...
And boy, do they ever try!!
Especially Mia. 
She is not the sweetest smelling dog in the world so
she's forbidden from my blanket. 

Thank you Evelyn!
We all love MY blanket!!

Have a good weekend everyone 
{still can't bring myself to say ya'll}!

xo, Amber

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Kind of Jewelry

Are you a jewelry kind of gal?

Me, not so much.
Well, personal jewelry, not so much.

My normal wardrobe consists of 
blue jeans and a t-shirt or tank top,
my diamond stud earrings, 
my favorite vintage spoon ring and 
my wedding set. 
Of course there are times that I go naked...
no rings


Sometimes, I will put some pretty stuff on.
It's usually handmade pieces from
friends that I love.
But that's only when I "dress up", 
which is rarely.

Now if you entice me with some house jewelry,
my eyes get wide and I get a dumb goofy smile going!

The Mr. picked up some jewelry this weekend
since I've been slowly painting doors
and purposely leaving the beautiful
gold knobs off. 
{I dislike taping!}

Just a couple of weeks ago,
we were still deciding what finish to go with.

Oil rubbed bronze won.

It looks great with the color scheme and really stands out
against the light color.

Things are starting to look good around here and I can
almost envision what it will all look like once
it's complete.

Oh, that will be a happy day.

xo, Amber

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Finished a Project!

Yay! One more thing checked off the list.
The fireplace surround is done and 
I love how it looks.

Once we paint the back wall, the richness
of the fireplace will really stand out.
Whitewash = washed out.

The blue tape... laziness in removing. I was going to paint that little strip of wood but the thrifty person that put
it in used the tongue side of a tongue and groove board
and it looks hideous so that will get replaced SOON.
And yes, the logs are missing. We took them out because they stunk the house up when we lit the fireplace.
They were made out of some funky foam and were probably
caustic (probably not but dang, they stunk!). 
We're in the market for some new, concrete or ceramic ones.

My supplies...
-French Linen Annie Sloan Chalk paint
-Valspar glaze in Asphaltum*
-Annie Sloan soft wax (clear)

*I love working with this particular glaze
and have used it for years.
I know lots of ladies use stain for the 
antiquing but I love the ease of use with 
this glaze. You can't mess it up!
And the French Linen paint, LOVE the color!
It has a grayish green hue to it
and it works VERY well with
our cottage and compliments
the Nomadic Taupe we have else where.

I think I am going to paint over 
the red wall with a shade very similar to 
the French Linen. It's a great neutral.

We still have lots to do but at least this part is done!

Here's before:

And after:

Looking forward to the mail tomorrow because
my MIL crochet me a big chunky throw that is
going to look amazing in the living room.

As for right now, I think I'm going to 
brew some coffee and sit
in the living room and enjoy my new

See ya soon!

xo, Amber

Monday, March 3, 2014

TICKity Blah!

Ah, the joys of living in the country.

With a couple of days of warm weather (70's),
it seemed to prompt some disgusting
critters to venture out to play.

Mix that with two little boys that like to 
kick leaves and bushes, 
play in the dirt and venture off the cleared path and 
you have the perfect makings of a tick party!
Yuk and double itchy yuk!

I would have taken pictures but just looking
at those things gives me the
heebie jeebies!
As a Mama, getting them off
as quick as possible and doing 
body scans is the only thing on my mind,
not getting the camera for show and tell.

Today, I will be investigating to see if 
there are some natural
tick repellents for man
and yard because I ain't having this!
If you have any suggestions,

This reminds me of our late Summer/early Fall
adventures at my Grandparents lake cabin
in Minnesota, when I was a kid.
I was the lucky one that always got them.
Go figure.

during my absence, I've worked on 
the fireplace only a little
(You know, because the weather).

The yard got spruced up instead with a 
straight and perfect picket fence
and the walkway arbor is now complete by
Petunia's painting hand (of course a little "green"
persuasion always helps).

Mr. FPH built a deck with
recycled material from a job
and the iron gazebo has a
new home in the yard.

The boys and I planted two
Cecil Brunner roses on opposing
sides and I cannot wait until we get some new
shoots stretching up!
These two potted roses came with us from CA
and have so patiently been waiting
to stretch their roots (eight months?!) :)

Today, we work on the fireplace since
we have a rainy day!
I was going to paint it white then
antique it but I ventured into
Perfectly Imperfect a few days ago and picked up
some chalk paint in French Linen.

Time to get to work! 

See ya soon

xo, Amber