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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{almost} Done!

Oh, my aching body!

The day before yesterday, we finished the front of the house
with body paint and trim {except the eaves}.

We were determined to get that iron up!

That was the iron piece that I found on CL 
that came off an old Victorian.
I'd say it was worth the $50 and an hour drive!
The curved trim above the window
was not there ever.
Bruce did an amazing job (as usual)
making that trim piece.

Up and down the ladder a bazillion times 
makes for a great workout.

We had planned to add shutters 
but since the windows are trimmed out,
we decided against it.

Trim boards to be added where the arrows are
and I planted two climbing roses on the right 
side of the pop out.

Next weekend we're having some
tractor work done to level all the humps and bumps
so we can either re-seed or sod
then, it's serious business for me...


 These little white flowers are so cute.
I think it's Monkey Grass. Too cute to cut
 (although I desperately want to trim around my roses).
It was been fun watching all of the surprise pop-up flowers.

And the Wisteria is just starting to bloom.
I'll be going around snapping photos of that.
Truly a sight to be seen because it is
everywhere! So happy to see it growing
in our backyard trees!

We have loved the surprise of every season
since we've been here.

I think our house is smiling now.
She sure is purdy. 

Now, on to the next project!

See ya soon,


  1. She sure is pretty! Amber love love love what you guys did. Hope all is well. We miss you. Hugs Rita

  2. THAT looks great, Amber. It is so much better now. I LOVE wisteria and we can't grow it here at all. Lucky you. The house is really coming into its own now that you have put your magic touch on it. xo Diana

  3. Looks amazing girl!...(and Boy!),
    You (2) did an amazing job!
    I am still painting and waxing and glazing...I can't do just one thing you know...it has to be 5 things...**rolling eyes at self**, I ache all over too! BUT there is hope! The top of the armoire is finished, the drawer fronts are finished, all I have left to do is finish the base coat on the insides and do the wax/glazing on the bottom piece...Yes, I am waxing and glazing..I like it! I will do it correctly next time, but I like how this is turning out. Thanks for the suggestions! Oh, I have to paint accent paint on the doors, as well. I found some gorgeous drawer pulls on ebay and have them! I actually bought 2 sets, one is more elaborate than the other. We will see which is best when it is finished. But I do love the drawer pulls!
    What can you tell me about your arbor/gazebo in your front yard???? I have been looking for a few of those!


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