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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Finished a Project!

Yay! One more thing checked off the list.
The fireplace surround is done and 
I love how it looks.

Once we paint the back wall, the richness
of the fireplace will really stand out.
Whitewash = washed out.

The blue tape... laziness in removing. I was going to paint that little strip of wood but the thrifty person that put
it in used the tongue side of a tongue and groove board
and it looks hideous so that will get replaced SOON.
And yes, the logs are missing. We took them out because they stunk the house up when we lit the fireplace.
They were made out of some funky foam and were probably
caustic (probably not but dang, they stunk!). 
We're in the market for some new, concrete or ceramic ones.

My supplies...
-French Linen Annie Sloan Chalk paint
-Valspar glaze in Asphaltum*
-Annie Sloan soft wax (clear)

*I love working with this particular glaze
and have used it for years.
I know lots of ladies use stain for the 
antiquing but I love the ease of use with 
this glaze. You can't mess it up!
And the French Linen paint, LOVE the color!
It has a grayish green hue to it
and it works VERY well with
our cottage and compliments
the Nomadic Taupe we have else where.

I think I am going to paint over 
the red wall with a shade very similar to 
the French Linen. It's a great neutral.

We still have lots to do but at least this part is done!

Here's before:

And after:

Looking forward to the mail tomorrow because
my MIL crochet me a big chunky throw that is
going to look amazing in the living room.

As for right now, I think I'm going to 
brew some coffee and sit
in the living room and enjoy my new

See ya soon!

xo, Amber


  1. That turned out great, Amber. What a change. It sets a whole new mood for the whole room. Can't wait to see it completely done AND your new crocheted throw- xo Diana

  2. I love it, Amber! It's really beautiful. You sit there and enjoy it all you want to. :)

  3. Gorgeous, Amber!
    I am still "contemplating" my fnew mantle. WE did find some great pieces that may work, but haven't done anything yet. WE have been sick AGAIN this week...I hope it ends soon!
    I need to get some deep cleaning done but have no energy for so long...that is why it has to be deep cleaning! After surface cleaning for 8 weeks it is time!
    looks beautiful!

  4. Oh Amber....it turned out so beautiful! Love seeing all your wonderful work!


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