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Friday, March 21, 2014


The scarf that turned into a blanket...
{Thanks to the handiwork of hubby's Mama}

Although it's technically MINE,
everyone likes me to share (of course).

{Maybe Nana will make some smaller ones
 for each of the kids.}

Yeah, that's a hint. 
Just trying to be subtle about it.

The daily musings of the cozy blanket...

am: Boys snuggle in it after they wake up and
luckily it's large enough for the both of them. Later
on, if it's one of those days, they lay and watch TV
with it snugly around them.
pm: Dear daughter snuggles under it while she does 
homework or peruses the web on her ipad.
pm, pm: Mama finally gets her turn. I snuggle under it
till my world turns dark and my husband 
so sweetly caresses  smacks my forehead to tell 
me to go to bed.

My rules for my blanket...
And boy, do they ever try!!
Especially Mia. 
She is not the sweetest smelling dog in the world so
she's forbidden from my blanket. 

Thank you Evelyn!
We all love MY blanket!!

Have a good weekend everyone 
{still can't bring myself to say ya'll}!

xo, Amber


  1. Amber, please tell me how Mia has been persuaded to leave your blanket alone? Bruce loves all pillows and my softest, coziest blankets. I don't have the heart to take them away from him. He looks so happy. LOL I guess you know who is in charge around here now? ;)

  2. Well,. you are nothing if you are not subtle....lol....I sure hope the MIL gets the hint. Maybe the dog can sleep on someone ELSE'S blanket. xo Diana


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