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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dishes and Dishes

Sticking to my word!

Today being Easter Sunday {Happy Resurrection Day}, I thought that I would
wait till morning to post but I have some free time between
breakfast and our Easter meal later today,
to sneak in a little post. 

Since my life evolves around food, I thought I'd
share my table with you.

The boys went on a junking adventure
yesterday {I was working} so I squeezed in 
a little time to clear off the catch-all table {dining}
so I could set it for Easter.

I decided to use plates, cups and silverware that
I've been collecting for the bakery.
I have kept my thrift store selections limited
to lighter, paler tones so when they're stacked,
they all kinda go together. I think they
are a beautiful compliment to each other.
To add to the feel of vintage, I decided not
to iron my vintage embroidered table cloth
because it feels a little Rachel Ashwell, when I don't
{not because I'm lazy}.

{I have a deep love for all those mismatch pieces but
I'll save that story for another time. ;) }

This morning, our breakfast consisted of
Creme Brulee French Toast (YUM!)
of which I managed to pick the bomb recipe
off Pinterest, smoked sausage and
mixed berries with vanilla cream
and topped with a flower of sweet
cream frosting.

Yes indeed, I will squirrel this recipe away to 
put it to use in the bakeria. 

Later on I will start on our afternoon meal
of smoked ham with a crackle crust, fried
corn with bacon {new trial recipe}, my traditional
hashbrown/potato casserole and popovers/yorkshire pudding.
Then for dessert (which I will eat tonight and in the morn), 
this beautiful mess...

I hope your Easter Sunday is being spent with family and 
loved ones and I hope you have great peace in your heart
on this glorious day.

With much love, Amber

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Oh, hello!
Remember me? 

As today marks the first day of spring, it's been since winter
that I have paid any attention (physically) to this page.

Trust me, I've wanted to.

My life as The French Pressed Home
has completely shifted to
FPH BAKERY and I couldn't be
more proud or happy. 
Most days, I still cannot believe it. 

No, we haven't opened the store yet.

Since we are doing the work ourselves 
{mostly Bruce at this point}
in addition to working full time to pay for it, 
it takes time.
Not to mention that peeling the layers back of an
80 year old building has given plenty, if not more,
fun projects to tear out and re-do.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was/is 
a full gut. Top to bottom, inside and out.
And life with a contractor is definitely not a life
with band aids. No, no it's not. Fix it right so it
sustains another 80+ years.
Sure, I've been disappointed and frustrated
but I know that in the long run, it will be well worth
the time it's taking to do this right.
I appreciate Bruce's talented hands and his mighty
brain that can pull this off. He's definitely a
master of his trade.

All of these renovations are purely funded out of pocket 
so in order for this place to swing the doors wide open,
we gotta WORK in order to do that. 
My kitchen has shrunken due to the rolling racks that 
have found their way into my life, as of late.
Every once in a while, I'll roll them into the dining room so 
I can reminisce about the days before they moved in. 
Oooh, it was so spacious! lol! 

It won't be too much longer before they roll on out and 
down the road to their permanent home.

I am looking VERY forward to not working where I live.
I am not one for drawing the line between
home/work even though the kitchen/dining room
threshold holds the imaginary line
between the two. Many days, to my disdain,
the "house" gets neglected {ignored} so I can focus
on the work in my place of employment. The kitchen.

It will be nice to have the separation.

Right now, I'm looking out toward the coop and my weed filled garden.
I hope to get some things planted out there but I may 
end up just planting flower seeds this year and hitting
up the Farmer's Markets instead. We'll see.
Whichever, it will look beautiful against that 
pretty little coop.

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where I post quick updates regularly.

And like all good things, this post must come to an end. 
Time to get in the kitchen and heat up that oven. :)

I vow to make my Sunday mornings my posting time
because frankly, I'm ashamed so much time as passed.

May the warm sun of Spring warm your face, sweet friend.
Thanks for visiting.

xo, Amber