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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dishes and Dishes

Sticking to my word!

Today being Easter Sunday {Happy Resurrection Day}, I thought that I would
wait till morning to post but I have some free time between
breakfast and our Easter meal later today,
to sneak in a little post. 

Since my life evolves around food, I thought I'd
share my table with you.

The boys went on a junking adventure
yesterday {I was working} so I squeezed in 
a little time to clear off the catch-all table {dining}
so I could set it for Easter.

I decided to use plates, cups and silverware that
I've been collecting for the bakery.
I have kept my thrift store selections limited
to lighter, paler tones so when they're stacked,
they all kinda go together. I think they
are a beautiful compliment to each other.
To add to the feel of vintage, I decided not
to iron my vintage embroidered table cloth
because it feels a little Rachel Ashwell, when I don't
{not because I'm lazy}.

{I have a deep love for all those mismatch pieces but
I'll save that story for another time. ;) }

This morning, our breakfast consisted of
Creme Brulee French Toast (YUM!)
of which I managed to pick the bomb recipe
off Pinterest, smoked sausage and
mixed berries with vanilla cream
and topped with a flower of sweet
cream frosting.

Yes indeed, I will squirrel this recipe away to 
put it to use in the bakeria. 

Later on I will start on our afternoon meal
of smoked ham with a crackle crust, fried
corn with bacon {new trial recipe}, my traditional
hashbrown/potato casserole and popovers/yorkshire pudding.
Then for dessert (which I will eat tonight and in the morn), 
this beautiful mess...

I hope your Easter Sunday is being spent with family and 
loved ones and I hope you have great peace in your heart
on this glorious day.

With much love, Amber


  1. Amber, What a wonderful Easter meal! Love your vintage dishes and silverware. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Jody

  2. Love it Amber! I haven't been looking at blogs so much lately and I see I need to catch up with you on yours! Love all your things, as always!

  3. Recipe for the French toast please


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