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Hey! So you want to know a little about me...

Well, although being born and raised in Southern California,
I am a country girl at heart.
I love everything that envelops the Country way of life
from chickens, horses, farming, simple living to homemade anything
but I also like the refinement of true French.

Rustic French Farmhouse.
That is what I like to believe my decorating style is.

I'm the wife of a Contractor and mama to my girl and
twin boys. And no, there's never a dull moment here!
Throw in a couple of dogs, a cat and some laying hens, and
we are the Family Circus.

We moved to a small town in the South in the summer of 2013
 (making me the happiest girl ever)
and found our little place in the country.
We found HOME. Alabama has been so good to us and for us.
We love it so much. It's our pace. It's our style. It is us.

I'm a blue jeans, t-shirts and converse (or boots) kind of girl but like to
 throw in a little vintage something of quirkiness that
makes me, me. I like to wear flowers in my hair and even have a collection
of aprons that I like to play dress up with.

Our home is a book of our lives.
Almost every piece in our home has a story behind it
and that is what makes it special to us.
There's something to be said about collecting things that you love and that speak to you.
To me, the most eclectic homes are the most interesting. That can be said
for well traveled people, as well.

 I just opened my Cottage Bakery  {FPH Bakery} and am working on re-establishing my former
home goods business of custom  and handmade pieces.
One definitely fuels the other! Or maybe it's just a sugar rush. 

My continued life long dream is to open a
Bed and Breakfast and there is no better place
than here to do so.

I have a feeling that just may become a reality someday.
Nothing is impossible.
The word itself says i'mpossible.