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Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh My!

And it is ours!
We gained custody of our building last Thursday
and finally got to do something with it this weekend.
Bruce headed over Sunday morning with a 
friend and started deconstruction.

By the time I had arrived (after my morning work at the pumpkin patch),
half of the dining room had been finished.

I am certain that the tongue and groove had been there for
many, many years because it is extremely thick and heavy, 
and although we are very adamant about
preservation, we needed/wanted to peel back the layers to 
1. strip the place of it's disastrous, unsafe electrical (wow).
2. assess any damage so it can be repaired properly. 
3. expose the brick for our rustic style.

After removing some of the wall between the dining room and kitchen,
it was discovered that there may have been a fire in there at one time.
Although not charred through, there is definitely some remnants
of seared wood. Bruce also found some areas where the wiring 
was exposed and had been arcing on wood. There is/was A LOT
of exposed, open ended wire in that place!

As the guys worked on that, I ran back to the house 
(a minute and a half drive) 
to pick up the weed whacker and other garden tools.
One of our pet peeves is the amount of grass that
grows in the sidewalk cracks and gutters.
Bruce bladed the sidewalk and I went around
the building picking up trash and weeding it.

Yeah, it's not there anymore.

Power washing comes next. :)

Cleaning things up makes such a difference.
I suppose that is why I don't mind doing it.
Instant gratification!

It's a new day and new things to work on.
I'm headed to my work but my mind will be there,
at that gem that is getting some new life.

I'll continue to update because this little
bakery is just as much yours, as it is ours.

xo, Amber

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Brick and Mortar

I can't believe I'm typing these words.

We are buying a building.

An old fashioned, free standing, brick and mortar 
with lots of history and lots of potential.

The French Pressed Home will
be opening a small Boutique Bakery here in
Union Springs, Alabama. 

We close in mere days and once
keys are in hand, we'll be starting
on the improvements. 

I'm looking forward to documenting 
and sharing our renovation
because we will be taking things back to some 
original brick and fixing up the 
huge wood walk in cooler.
What we'll do with it, I don't know, but
it is so very cool!

It's been told to me, by several people, that the 
late Bing Crosby frequented the 
Holmes Cafe when he came to town
on his hunting expeditions. 
I'm hoping there are some photos
floating around somewhere because I'd love
to make copies.

Every day that passes, I find out more and more
about this building. And every story has one thing in common:

I may be getting my hands on a few of those recipes.
What a fabulous way to pay homage to a place
that so many people remember fondly.

This photo shows the original brick on the sides and front.
The windows on the side have since been boarded, so 
yes, we will be removing the boards and hopefully
the old windows are still there, intact. 
If not, they will be replaced because you know
me and natural light!

The front has since been updated
which gives us a new slate to play with.

Bruce said he was glad it was re-done 
because the old windows remind him of jail.
Only him. And I wonder how he knows what jail looks like. 

He sees jail, I see this:

With the new windows in place, we won't be
able to paint much black but oh, I will
find a way to incorporate my beloved color.
I played with a photo a little and this is just an idea...

The interior, shown below, will look a little different when
 we're done. We have some plans and ideas
but I'll save those for when we get to that point. 

And the menu.

I am not going in over my head so we'll be 
starting small and manageable and growing
as we go. We do have a destination but
that will come in time and in increments.

We're looking forward to getting our hands dirty
and bringing this place back into the mix
of people, food and memories.

Never in a million years did I imagine we'd 
be here, right now, doing this.

I do believe there is a plan for each of us and
when it unfolds before your very eyes, it makes
 you very humble. 
We have been very blessed since
moving to our new place we call home. 
Not just the house but the State and City we chose.
I think we were destined to be here, 
at precisely the right time. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Market at Chapel Hill

Although I didn't take a million pictures or sneak inside 
the Chapel to see what goodies were to be had (yes, I 
have regrets!), I did manage to use my new phone to click a few
quick pictures of the tent that we shared with other vendors.

It was rainy and mucky but it definitely did not stop the shoppers!
My favorite parts of the day were seeing familiar faces from town and meeting 
lovely blog friends, face to face. 

Our FPH Bakery set up was so easy and quick.
We were there for about an hour on Friday setting
up the tables and cabinets.
Bruce did an awesome job of 
building everything and it looked pretty
spectacular with the shelves filled with goodies.

I had a fantastic helper (my Petunia ~ Karli).

As you can see, it was a little "damp" but it certainly 
did not hinder sales. It was a true Fall day, nice and chilly.

And that about raps it up for The Market on Chapel Hill 2015.

It would be wonderful to be back again next year.
That is, if we can manage to sneak away from our
new store. More on that next time.... ;)