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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Market at Chapel Hill

Although I didn't take a million pictures or sneak inside 
the Chapel to see what goodies were to be had (yes, I 
have regrets!), I did manage to use my new phone to click a few
quick pictures of the tent that we shared with other vendors.

It was rainy and mucky but it definitely did not stop the shoppers!
My favorite parts of the day were seeing familiar faces from town and meeting 
lovely blog friends, face to face. 

Our FPH Bakery set up was so easy and quick.
We were there for about an hour on Friday setting
up the tables and cabinets.
Bruce did an awesome job of 
building everything and it looked pretty
spectacular with the shelves filled with goodies.

I had a fantastic helper (my Petunia ~ Karli).

As you can see, it was a little "damp" but it certainly 
did not hinder sales. It was a true Fall day, nice and chilly.

And that about raps it up for The Market on Chapel Hill 2015.

It would be wonderful to be back again next year.
That is, if we can manage to sneak away from our
new store. More on that next time.... ;)


  1. I am just back to blogging and visiting, Amber. I am happy to see that you are doing so well and tickled that you are opening a store! Whoo Hooo!!!! Can't wait to hear more. xo Diana

    1. So happy to see you Diana! I'll be sharing the "big" news next post with pictures of this very awesome old building that will become ours in a few days. I'll be by to visit you this evening. Off to work!

  2. The FPH space was drop dead gorgeous! Everything I ate was so delicious and the grandgirls loved the scones I took to them. So nice to meet you and I am excited about your store. I hope I get to sneak off to the pumpkin patch and sample some more of your goodies. I wish I had thought to get some of your too cute fabric pumpkins!

    1. Deb, I am SO glad we finally got to meet!! Thank you for coming to the Market and purchasing some goodies from us. I do hope you come to the patch. The kids would have such a great time there. Once we get the doors open on the bakery, you'll have to come see us! It might be a little bit but it will be worth it. :)

    2. I know it will be worth it and Union Springs would be a fun trip! Market inspired me in so many ways. You need to 'decorate' your shop some with some lovelies from Bonnie Plant Farm too! So many resources around L.A. (lower Alabama) that most people overlook.

    3. :) I agree, Deb, that there are so many places overlooked. I will definitely have some 'Bonnie' in our shop and outside! Did you know we almost bought the home Bonnie Paulk Livingston raised her family in? Yep, that house is what brought us to Alabama. I am in love with the surplus of history here. Wait till you see Wednesday's post.

  3. I am so pleased that you were a huge success...no shocker! I am so excited for you and Bruce and am eagerly awaiting this next part of your adventure. So stinkin' proud of you, Amber. xo, T.


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