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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Kind of Jewelry

Are you a jewelry kind of gal?

Me, not so much.
Well, personal jewelry, not so much.

My normal wardrobe consists of 
blue jeans and a t-shirt or tank top,
my diamond stud earrings, 
my favorite vintage spoon ring and 
my wedding set. 
Of course there are times that I go naked...
no rings


Sometimes, I will put some pretty stuff on.
It's usually handmade pieces from
friends that I love.
But that's only when I "dress up", 
which is rarely.

Now if you entice me with some house jewelry,
my eyes get wide and I get a dumb goofy smile going!

The Mr. picked up some jewelry this weekend
since I've been slowly painting doors
and purposely leaving the beautiful
gold knobs off. 
{I dislike taping!}

Just a couple of weeks ago,
we were still deciding what finish to go with.

Oil rubbed bronze won.

It looks great with the color scheme and really stands out
against the light color.

Things are starting to look good around here and I can
almost envision what it will all look like once
it's complete.

Oh, that will be a happy day.

xo, Amber


  1. I wish I had your energy and drive girl, if I were your age that might help! LOL
    I am on my third day of working on my armoire, but hey, I got started and that is half the battle! The chalk painting is almost finished on Three separate pieces and then for the wax. I am nervous about the wax! The chalk paint feels so rough...I guess I will do a coat of clear was first and then try the dark. if i don't the dark will be too dark...
    Any advice? Can you tell I am scared????!!! LOL

  2. It's all beautiful by the way!!!

  3. Sounds like we wear the same outfit! I'm very particular about the jewelry I have. I like really simple things with clean lines. Now, house jewelry can be more elaborate and I'm definitely a fan of the bronze. Looks great, Amber.

  4. Oh boy, elegance lives at your house! Beautiful!


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