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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Square Foot by Square Foot

I forget so quickly how much
we have accomplished since we moved into our home
and became Southerner's.
My SIL reminded me yesterday that it was
our 3 month anniversary. 

3 months... wow.

It has been so comfortable 
to us/for us, it feels like
we've been here longer.

It's pretty amazing when you put it back into 
It's easy to forget accomplishments
when you're living through 
 a whole house renovation.

We had our first "real" visitors yesterday so 
I made Brunch.

Two kinds of Quiche
Chocolat and Butter Croissants
Fresh Fruits


Our company was Bruce's sister and husband, visiting
from Pennsylvania.
They vacationed down in the Gulf 
looking for a place to call home
when they sell the farm up north.

It was wonderful having them over for the day.

We drove around town so they could see 
the beautiful homes Cindy had
spotted on Google Maps
then went to pick cotton
and pecans.

Our day went incredibly and sadly too fast.
Surely by their next visit, 
the guest cottage will have been built 
and we can have them for a longer stay.

We were looking at photos last night and 
I forgot what we started with...

There's still lots to do like
kitchen cabinets around the stove and sink.
We are having the hardest time deciding on those!
We were going to color match our appliances
then do some light distressing
but then we came up with a solution for the floor
which is going to be VERY cool so that changed
the cabinetry decision to something
completely different.
Then we have to rethink countertops.
I guess we will wait to fork over those green backs
till we have made the decision on all of it.

All of that is overwhelming sometimes,  so today,
I will pull some of my boxes out and 
enjoy my Saturday playing with 
my treasures and hanging pictures.
I think I will "suggest" to B that he head into town 
to pick me up some "jewelry".
The ceilings are crying for their crown. 
{and so am I}

Enjoy your weekend.
This little girl came to visit again
this morning.
One of the twins got to see her.

xo, Amber


  1. It's all looking so wonderful Amber! Congratulations on your 3 month Anniversary!
    Love that you are able to enjoy the wild life too. We always have deer here to enjoy - just had 7 run out from the apple orchard next to the house the other day. I'm always running out to shoo them across the road before a car comes flying down the road. :)
    Curious, where in PA is your SIL from?

  2. Amber,
    Good work! You have done a ton in three months! But you are right, in the middle of the meas it makes you nuts and then you look at it finished and its good...in the ONE room anyway...
    You deserve a crown! Wven one that might just fo on the ceiling! Oh, wanta see apicture of THAT on your head!!! LOL

  3. Oh, you came by my blog too! Thanks for coming by! When i hit 100 followers I am soing another giveaway! It is almost a year since I began my blog, as well. Crazy!!!

    Maybe I will do a Large giveaway!!!!
    Talk soon, girl!

  4. Hey Girl! It all looks amazing! And I am so happy that you had a "real" visitor over.
    Wish I could come over and visit with you, your place looks mighty cozy!

    Okay, got to go for now... Hubby is without a car and needs me to pick him up - now!

    Will be back soon!
    That table sure looked delicious!




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