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Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas Past

I had to pick a few things up from
Wal-Mart yesterday, 
 and behold,
what caught my eye?

I'm still trying to understand the
 layout of the store
so as I was looking for whatever it
 was I was looking for,
 I happened upon the 
Seasonal aisles.

I was hoping to find some new flashy
lights since we canned all the old ones
prior to the move.

Anyway, sitting here today,
I was thinking about Christmases past,
specifically last year when I decorated
my 10 x 10 room at the Antique Mall.
I had such fun doing that.

Looking at these photos makes
me want to start working on gifts.
This year everything that is getting shipped 
{or not}
will be hand made.

I'll be heading into town this week with my
coupons and lists.

Do you make hand made gifts for your loved ones?

Black Rooster Cottage at Granny's

 French Farmhouse Tea Towels

French Tea Towels

Sugar Scrubs in Lavender and Rose

Soothing Lavender Sugar Scrub

Hand painted Burlap Pillows

Pillows, Tea Towels, Custom Framed Art,
Reupholstered Furniture

Small Sachet Pillows

Custom Made Chalkboards


Fun times in Space #17.
Maybe again one day.

Now what to make and for who.

xo, Amber


  1. Amber, I just read your prior post and this one. I need to email you about your previous post but I am too tired to think tonight. You are certainly not alone in what happened to you. God bless ya, honey....you are gonna do real well down there. xo Diana

    ps. If I might I want to tell you something without hurting your feelings. Your blog is hard to read for me. The print is not bold enough and just kind of fades into the background a bit. Just my thoughts.

  2. Hey Amber,

    Just read your previous post and it brought back our very first conversation we had at Rainbow to mind. And I can still get mad when I think back and remember the hurt in your eyes...
    Well... I will e-mail you soon and express more... Hey you know me!?
    What a wonderfully lovely booth you had #17.
    I would order one of your towels immediately if you put that number on it and a rooster! In Black!

    Okay, the answer to your question...
    I never like to buy gifts for dear friends... and almost always try to give something handmade - because by doing so I feel I give a piece of Moi...
    But you probably already knew I was going to give that answer - lol

    and make it a wonderful week!



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