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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bird Nests and Butterflies...

Bird nests and butterflies, both things I have collected unintentionally and by accident.

The first bird nest was extracted from a light fixture that was being repaired for a neighbor.
It was built wedged between the glass and the brass candelabra in a porch light.
It had been vacant for quite some time, it appeared, so I carefully took it out and
wrapped it in some packing paper to retain its shape.
The alternative was to be poked out by a stick and thrown in the garbage.

The second nest was sadly found in our trailer. We had a leak in the roof and had left the door open to air it out and these sweet birds took advantage and built their nest inside and laid eggs.

Unfortunately, we didn't know and didn't discover it until last winter.
My husband had brought it in, in gloved hands.

The eggs are so tiny, about the size of Robin Egg Easter candy.
I was saddened by this discovery. I could only imagine the frantic mother
desperately trying to get in. Poor thing.

Having purchased some glass domes that were sitting empty,
I knew these nests would be beautiful inside them.
Being able to study the intricacy of these constructed abodes without touching them
would be a great thing to teach the boys.

The butterflies were absolutely an accident.
Springtime in the South is prolific with many, many flying bugs, butterflies included.

After returning home one day after a trip to town, I happened to look outside and see
a bright yellow butterfly resting on my truck.
Permanently resting, that is.
Poor thing! I'm sure it didn't feel a thing.

The second one was pretty much a text book copy of the first.
Same destination and return, same situation.
I feel like a murderer.

Well, I decided to honor my victims and place them inside
each nest dome to live eternally.

Although beautiful, these displays are bittersweet to me
and a reminder of how fragile life is and how
it can be taken without a moments notice.

We live in such a rushed state, sometimes it's
good to slow down and pay attention to the little things.
The smell of a rose, the sight of flickering lightning bugs
or just the smell of your child's hair.

I hope you have an observant day. xo


  1. Amber, Once my daughter saw many monarchs stuck in my grill and thought I hit them on purpose. :) Poor things. We have altered our plans to accomadate birds hatching little ones. We have had two batches of robins hatch broods this year. I found a wee wren's nest after the storm Saturday night. Blessings,,xoxo,Susie
    saw to post of your son's sales pitch..too sweet. love it.

  2. They are bittersweet, but beautiful :)

    I miss lighting bugs. I saw them all the time when I lived in Virginia and then Ohio. I wish we had them on this side of the country, but sadly we don't.

  3. Amber?
    They are beautiful... And are treated with a sacred reverence for life. Gorgeous!!!
    Hugs, Betsy

  4. Just beautiful...as always ❤️
    A couple of weeks ago my friend Sherri's son was in town for work in Cleveland. We had him out to Stony Hill over his weekend here - we had a bbq and bonfire planned with the family. As we sat out in the "back 40" as we call the meadow/big yard behind the barns around the fire Kevin said "what are all those little lights that keep blinking?" This poor guy - born and raised in California - 29 years young and had never seen a firefly!!! So sad! He left here with an image of himself moving his wife and little girls out of CA! Hard for me to imagine life anywhere but here in northeast Ohio ever again!

  5. Such pretty pictures Amber. I collect bird nest too! Wishing you a wonderful day! xox


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