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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Show Must Go On

I promise you, I have not forgotten about my giveaway!
The past couple of weeks has been a rough in our household. Both boys had strep
with one also having the flu. The one that didn't get it (my manager above), finally did
and it was the most horrendous bout of the flu I have ever experienced.
Thankfully, he finally broke his fever after five {5!!} days and is improving.
For me, when the boys are sick, they want mama at their side, so
I haven't touched my projects for my giveaway.

I apologize.

I have been attempting to post a video for your viewing pleasure
for the past two days, to no avail. It might be too long (?) but
there's no way I can shorten it. I will continue to try though because I know
you will thoroughly enjoy it.
And I better figure this out for future use!

This post will get us through the weekend
and on Monday, I'll be sharing the GOODS! :)

Stay healthy, stay cool and ENJOY Summer!

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  1. Is it the time for tuff stuff or what? Hope all is better


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