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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Dream Come True

There is something so peaceful about snow.

The quietness, the purity and its ability to
cleanse anything unsightly.

We got snow.

Talk about a house full of happy people.

School let out early the day the storm was due
with two snow days to follow.
Roads are iced so nobody is going anywhere.

Do you want to see what we have in our backyard?

It doesn't look like much but there is a mighty thick layer of ice under that snow. 
That storm brought ice rain before we got the soft stuff.
We don't care! We love it!

This chilly weather has put me in the mood to bake.
I think I perfected an amazing 
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin
{just like Starbucks}.
I think I'll have to keep this recipe in 
the vault. 

Hope you are all keeping warm.

xo, Amber


  1. Happy to hear that you are enjoying this Winter weather. I too, have read a lot of awful comments about southerns on facebook about this storm. I just don't understand why people can be so hateful.


    1. I don't understand that either Linda other than it's easy to hide behind a screen. I like to believe that for every one nasty person there's a thousand more good ones. Stay warm (for a few more days!)!

  2. I was hoping you would come back to blogging, Amber! I read what Linda wrote and it looks like something might have been deleted from your blog BUT I don't understand why people can't live and let live- if you don't like something--keep your thoughts to yourself and move along. I think people that make comments about others (Southerners/other races/different religions) are usually people that feel inadequate within themselves...and they get satisfaction that they are :"better than". If they only realized how that demeans them.

    Glad you are enjoying the snow. Wish I could send TONS from here to THERE! xo Diana

    ps. Have you heard anything from Sandy (C'est)

    1. I couldn't agree more Diana. Linda posted about the storm too since she's in the gulf coast. I commented on her post and she commented back on mine. http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/ Stay warm!!

  3. Amber,
    Such gorgeous property you have! it has been fun watching your home and yard transform over the time you have been there. I'll bet the guys loved it! The young ones, I mean! your muffin looks yummy!
    Hugs to you!


    1. Oh, if we could only claim that property as our own, Betsy! At least our neighbors are nice enough to share its beauty. :) The sun is shining this morning and the sparkling snow is beautiful. I know it'll be melted before too long. As for right now, a cup of coffee and a muffin are in order!

  4. I just woke up to more snow this morning, and your lovely images, and comment. Thanks so much for visiting.


  5. I love it Amber!!! I love cold and snow and you probably know it's not cold here at ALL! hate it! So jellous! xoox

    1. Hi Robin! The California weather is definitely NOT something I miss!! I love wearing seasonal clothes (in layers right now). Although it rarely snows here, it sure was a bonus for us. The sun is shining bright today so all that's left are the patches in the shade and the icicles dripping off the roof. Back to reality tomorrow (darn)!

  6. Lovely sepia pictures...we got about 6 inches of snow today in Wisconsin, drifts of two feet or more when added to what we have. Your post reminded me to look at the beauty of it!

    1. Thank you Kari! I have to give you props because I "think" I would love to live in an area that gets seasonal snow but I'm not sure I could handle it! It sure is beautiful though. Stay warm and snuggle with your book buddy. :)

  7. Hey Amber!
    I like the idea of snow covering everything and "cleansing anything unslightly", maybe it should have snowed at the Grammys! HA!
    Any baked goods you have leftover from your snow days, you can ship to me! :-)


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