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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Life Resolution

My first day of 2014 
started with a solo trip into
town for some yardage to make some
cafe curtains.
Before I left the house,
I had written down some addresses 
and plugged those into the GPS after
I left the store.

Although we are grounded,
I still like to look.

Farms For Sale

One particular property inspired me to park
and take in what it had to offer.

A simple yet beautiful Farmhouse,
 a pasture with a couple of muddy horses,
a small patch of land with greens growing
and a lovely gravel driveway.

I wondered how old that house was and how long
the owners have lived there.
I wondered their reasons for selling something
so comfortable looking.

On my way home,
I thought about my 
definition of the "perfect" life.
The true meaning
{for me}.

I enjoyed my peaceful drive.

When I got home,
the boys were napping after
a few hours of playing in the rain 
and being bathed.
It was the perfect opportunity for me
to do something I don't believe I
have ever done:
make a cup of hot spiced cider,
grab one of my new cookbooks and 
Lucy (who just had surgery) and
snuggle under our heavy down 
duvet and relax.
{Did you know that some cookbooks are like a novel?
Who would have known!
I'm enjoying my newest read,
The Glory of Southern Cooking. I'm looking forward
to my next read: Bon Appetit, Y'all}

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
My life Our life has been nothing
but fast paced and on the gas and not taking
a lick of time to do something very important...

I admitted to my truths:

~I'm not a social butterfly but a homebody;
I enjoy solitude and quiet.
~My love for being in the outdoors gets stolen
by sitting behind a window and a screen.
~My projects go slower because I'm "busy" seeing what 
everyone else is doing either on blogs or FB.
Lack of self control? Maybe.
A waste of precious time I will never get back?

I'm mad at myself because I did not
get out all the Christmas cards that I needed to because
"I ran out of cards".
I didn't make the gifts that I had planned to
"time just escaped me".

No more nonsense.

My "word" for 2014?

I'm going back to the
olden days.

My time behind the screen will be
to learn how to properly cull a chicken and
how to can the bounty
I plan on growing.
I will spend more time reading.
I will make the time to make
thoughtful gifts for next years
I will teach my children how 
to be sufficient.

After I shut my business down,
I convinced myself that my blogging 
was because I liked to write.
Seriously, my life is not that interesting.

So, I shall practice what I preach.

I've enjoyed Every.Single.One.Of.You.

May you all live the life you love
love the life you live.

xo, Amber


  1. I know how social media can encroach on living....I am thankful for dial-up internet on our farm, helps me to create limits.
    My best to you, Amber!

  2. Amber,
    I know exactly what you are saying. Too much time spent watching others live their lives instead of living my own. I was hoping the blog thing would transition me into more creativity than what I had previously been doing...and it has to some degree. So, this year my blog goal is going to be different. Set times, set number of posts, specific things to post about, shorter posts...HA! Think I can do that? We will see. I hope I will see you around! I assume this is a "See you later" post...??? will you post occasionally to let us know how you are?
    hope so!

  3. I noticed something was missing on FB and started my search for you! While I miss your posts and your encouragement I understand your reasoning. I do hope you stay in touch and keep your blog at least. I wish you the best!


    Kim Johnson

  4. Wow I will miss you, but our families should be first. I have often thought of starting a blog but I knew it would control my life, not me controlling it so I have never started. God bless you and your family.

  5. I will miss you too - seeing your beautiful photos and reading about your perspective on life, design and your special unique flair. I admire you and hope you will keep in touch at some point - because of course we are all curious as to your next chapter! Hugs to you.and your special family.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! I wondered what happened to you! I'm not a huge facebooker so it took me a bit to realize, "Hey, I haven't seen any of Amber's cheery updates lately." So, I hopped on fb to see if you were there....no Amber. Then I thought' "Hmmmm. I wonder if she's dropped this altogether to more thoroughly enjoy her new life?" And here we are. Blessings and respect to you as always chickie! Enjoy your unplugged life! Real friends don't need fb.

    Love ya',


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