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Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New Year...

These words speak so loudly to me.
Sitting here for six months, idly, 
has been lovely but difficult. 

It's amazing what you hear when you 
just observe and listen.

I look forward to putting these 
hands to work.

I don't know if I should be worried
or excited about the butterflies
I feel in my stomach when I think
about the future.

I know the process will be slow
but so worth it.

One day.


  1. W.O.W. Now that was a worthy read!! So well said - I'm with you sister. Standing here in my soon to be torn apart kitchen - dreaming of a day in the future where we just SIT and watch the guess and chickens grow.

    Homebody - check
    Slow down - check
    Raise chickens - check
    Enjoy doin nothing - check

    We really should be in the same town 😍

    And, BTW, may I borrow Mr. FPH????



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