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Friday, December 13, 2013

Looking Back

As our home remodel slowly continues, I look back
at old photos, pulling inspiration from here and there.
We are currently discussing how the immediate backyard
 is going to be laid out with outbuildings and our garden.
 I've been pinning inspiration to my garden board and outbuilding board like crazy.

One structure that I must absolutely have
 {and it's agreed upon}
is a studio away from the house.
This old post has really given me
 something to look forward to.

One day, I may have some garden shows and maybe one day
I'll have some technique classes.

Anyone remember this transformation?

This was my new space at the Antique Mall
that we turned from an ugly duckling
into a beautiful swan. 

I REALLY do miss that place....

The Black Rooster's new home:

We finished up our space at
Granny's Antique Mall
in Temecula!

We'll be moving in tomorrow (Thursday) and
I'm sure for a few days after that, too.

Our "Official" Grand Opening will be on
 Sunday, July 8th from 11-2
with Boutique Cupcakes!

Space #17

{OLD NEWS! Don't mark your calendar!}

Here's what we did...


The striped wallpaper and old carpet
 wasn't quite fitting for
 my Black Rooster Cottage style.

 Ch, ch, ch, changes.....

LOVE how the wallpaper looks!
I was going to use a Toile and
am soooo glad I didn't!
It's a beautiful cream, white, gray and black.

 I will be carrying this line of wallpaper for sale, too.
 I have it on order!
It will be in, in a couple of weeks.

Looks like expensive Wainscot, huh?
{Being married to a Contractor has its perks!}

We had such a great time doing this.

It took us a total of 12 hours. We had to work
before the store opened then a little
during business hours.

Not bad for 3 days, huh?

We spent under $100.

Almost everything was recycled material!

Mantle~ recycled from a tear out
Mantle Surround~ used the wood from an old cabinet
Trim~ leftovers from jobs (had to buy a little bit)
Crown~ leftover pieces from old jobs (had to buy one stick)
Applique~ new from a dealer at Granny's

I just spent money on the wallpaper,
 primer and (good) paint!
{I didn't peel the existing wallpaper,
I just peeled the loose stuff then primed!}

Guess what?
You can have this too!

My husband is a Licensed Contractor and he's GOOD!
Really, he is. He's very creative, very picky (meticulous) and

Tell him his wife sent you! :)

Working on this was like putting on my favorite
old sneakers...

Prior to the boys being born,
I was a Home Stager/Realtor.

In the business of "sales",
Perception is Everything!
{I hope it works here!}
Granny's was very good to
Black Rooster Cottage.
It was an excellent experience
and such an important time
in our lives.

Who knows what the future holds.
Till then,
I am looking forward to creating a new
little space of my own...
in my own backyard.

Have a GREAT weekend!
I need to get my bum in gear and get 
some shopping done!

XO, Amber


  1. Amber,
    I remember that this was about the third or fourth post of yours that I saw. I have onlyn been looking at blogs for about two years now. I really wished I could go to your shop and buy, then. I LOVE your look....how about you tell me how to do my mantel in our Master bedroom....Do you skype, I would LOVE to have some advice. email me and we can figure out a time you have time. I can show you what I've got and we can go from there! If you have time that would be fun!
    Talk soon!

  2. Oh I love, love, love it! So sorry I haven't visited. Since you are so much closer now, will you send Bruce down to my booth?? Oh pleeze....I want mine to look just like yours.


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