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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paint and a Purchase

Okay, so I was going to share the paint color
with you on this post, I know.
The rain finally stopped late last night and today,
we got a gorgeous day of warm sunshine.
Even though it was in the low 50's,
those rays of warmth felt so good!

So today, we decided to let the house dry out a little.

Unfortunately, some areas we painted the other day 
 did not dry before we got the rain
(painted too late in the day)
so we'll have to go back and fix that
and continue on!
I'll be painting trim and windows tomorrow
so I can get the cotton pickin' paper
 off the glass because 
I am a LET THE LIGHT IN, kind of gal.

~During my rainy day down time,
I was looking for some new blogs to follow and 
I love her style and noticed she has an Etsy.

Guess where I went and
guess what I did?

Oh yes I did.

Here's what I bought:

... as a set, even!

I could not resist the colors and
I cannot wait to get it all!

{The cost for these lovelies? A mere $80!}

Although I do not know exactly where these goodies
are going to be used, this was not a compulsive purchase.

For the past few days, 
I thought about it, 
checked on it (a bunch of times
to make sure it hadn't sold and finally decided that 
even if I don't use these items now,
I know I will one day in the not-too-far future.

I knew I would have regrets if I didn't get them 
and am so glad I did. Now, I am eagerly 
awaiting the email saying 
'They've Shipped'
{although I know it's gonna be a while since
they're shipping from PA and she might be without power right now}.

Let's hope not.
Okay, so if you head over to Farmhouse Supply,
don't buy the 
1. farmhouse baskets
 2. the silver salt and pepper shakers
3. the white ironstone pitchers and candlesticks, or
4. the white pillows, K?

I have dibs on those.  ;)

See ya soon with some pictures of 
the HOUSE!

xo, Amber


  1. You crack me up, Amber!
    Love your purchases and I KNOW you will too!

    1. Thanks Betsy! I can't wait to play with my goodies. Still no email so I hope Meghan and her family are at least safe and warm.

  2. Oh they are lovelies...and good for you to be so patient, and check, and recheck.


  3. Big mistake, Amber! I'm going to buy it all!!! Can you hear my evil laugh?


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