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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rainy Days

Not much outdoor painting going on since
we've had on and off rainy days so,
I'm tackling the fireplace now.

I've got an applique put in place, it's caulked,
the insert has a fresh coat of hi-heat black 
{including the beautiful gold trim}
and it's ready for me to pick up some paint!
We will also remove the "hearth". 
It's way to big and ugly.

We were going to take it out
{it's a gas one with no flue}
and replace it with a wood stove
{which is an awesome heat source and I
love the smell of a fire-outside}
but I really like the fireplace surround
and I know it's going to be beautiful
when it's done
{and a great selling focal point}.

My inspiration is my old
boutique space we did:

As with all the other rooms, 
we've got some work to do
here in the great room too:
Windows, drywall, paint, new drapes and 
new furniture {hear the angels ahhhhing?}.

This room will look quite different.
See the log ends sticking out?
Adios, to those and the walls will 
be drywall all the way up to the 
ceiling line (yes, covering some of the wood).
 Pickled wood is 
just a bit too much for this room
because the ceiling is too, which will
get a coat of fresh white paint for the 
ultimate cottage feel.
The fireplace wall, however, will remain
the same for a rustic look.

Yeah, one day at a time.

Dinner's on the stove and the 
babies are starving.

See ya again soon!


  1. What a big job. It will be great when it is done, Amber. I can't wait to see it when you get through with it. It will be wonderful. That is a really nice sized space to work with- xo Diana

  2. Looking forward to seeing the progress and of course the final masterpiece! Have a super blessed week!


  3. Cannot wait to see it girl! I am still "dreaming" about mine. One day soon hubby and i will be well enough to DO something....I hope that day comes before farm work hits, but I am not holding my breath!


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