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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Saturday Night Production!

Saturday as a whole
was such a productive day.
I was up and out early to run 
errands {including picking up *my* paint}
then came home
to work on our projects.

I prepped the wall,
taping and backrolling with the
existing color
{good painter trick for razor sharp lines}.

As I waited for that to dry,
I decided it was a good time to
finish the sideboard.

I antiqued it with a water based 
metallic gold and rubbed it till it
was perfect.

I am so very happy with 
the outcome. 

If you're interested in my
technique, let me know.
I'll be glad to share.

After dinner, the Mister took
control of the wall painting.
I think he gets frustrated with me because
I paint slower than him.
Hey, that's what he does for a living
so I ain't complainin'!

Three coats later,
our wall was done
{we watched Pitch Perfect 
in between coats - cute movie!}.

It's definitely B.O.L.D
and I love it!

Next project: working on the staircase
{I've already started!}.

I'll be taking the week off (maybe)
so have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

xo, Amber


  1. I forgot to add we STILL need to put up the crown moulding. Baseboards will wait till we get all the other major stuff done because new flooring is on the list too. YIPPEE!

  2. I love it! The RED wall is amazing. Every thing is STUPENDO Amber!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Family. Baci

  3. Oh it looks great! I love the way the sideboard turned out! Looks like everything is really coming together!


  4. Gorgeous, Amber. It looks great under the chalkboard and on the vibrant wall!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Amber, The "sideboard" is gorgeous, and against the red wall....breathtaking. I love your rooster picture and he was great inspriation. Your floral arrangement is JUST right for that space...love it too!
    Have a Great Thanksgiving!


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