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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Painted Chicken

I'm not sure if it's because of the Season,
 the neutral walls screaming for some pop or 
just my true colors that are coming out,
but I'm seeing r-e-d. 

Well, things are about to change!

And it's all his fault...

This amazing canvas was gifted
to me as a housewarming gift
from the amazingly
talented, Christie Repasy.
I have kept it wrapped in cellophane,
bubble wrap and cloth from the time
we packed till a couple of days ago.

I finally decided on a home for him...

Something isn't right though.
It needs *something*.
Something to add some life.
A pop.
Some couleur.

If you've been reading my blog for
a while, you know that when we lived 
in our rental that I pretty much
stripped all the red out of the house.
Looking back, I think it was the house itself
that didn't call for red.
Being extremely limited on what 
one can do in someone else's house
makes it hard to see beyond
neutral and beige. 

But not anymore!
We're homeowner's now. 

The wall we'll be painting is the 
chalkboard wall above, which 
faces this great wall of windows.

Since our style is 
French. Country. Farmhouse.
{not all together, just a bit of each}
Red seems to be an appropriate color.

And, since I recovered our seats 
 with La Petit Ferme by Waverly, 
red would fit perfectly.

We're stuck between 2 colors though
{yes, a his and her dilemma}:

Red Bay - a brighter Crimson shade or
Fired Brick - a mellower Brick shade.

I bet you can guess who picked what!

I don't want to have regrets
{meaning repainting} 
so I will convince him that
I am madly, truly in love
with *my* red.

We'll see if that flies.

xo, Amber


  1. Good luck claiming your color, Amber. lol I have that same fabric that you used on your chairs-stowed away. I have been saving it for something special but don't know what yet. I think I have 6 yards-it was the rest of the bolt and I have had it for several years. I just love it. It is timeless.

    Great canvas from Christie. She is so talented and I just love her work. She is an amazing artist- xo Diana

  2. Amber what ever color you choose will look amazing...you have a great sense of style and it will be great. I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  3. Oh the joys of color discussion with the husband... Can't wait for that to begin here!! My vote would be the cherry red - cooler and a bit feminine and I believe a good compliment to the kitchen color?? Very clever play on words - who's the chicken??!!

  4. Hi Amber,
    I love red! And I know exactly what you mean, with not being able to pick "your" colors when you rent ones home...
    I think I am going with drastic myself once we own a home again.

    And when it comes to the winning part of "the" color it will be...
    Just seal it with a kiss, usually works for me (wink)




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