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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I'm still working on the dresser!
I could not find my antiquing products 
or paint so I did the next best thing...
bought more!

So yesterday morning, I decided to work on it.

The beginning of something fabulous!

Trying to hand paint lines and nooks and crannies
is virtually impossible with two little monkeys on your back.
No, really.
 They love to climb on me whenever 
I am down at their level.
Time to wash the brushes and put
 it all away till night time.

So instead, I took a look
around to see what I could
muster up without the help
of my monkey's.


Our kitchen door is at the front of the house
and is all glass so at night,
I feel like I'm being watched 
while cooking dinner or
cleaning up.

Mr. FPH suggested we 
put mirrored tint on it.
Umm... no.
Somehow, mirror tinted
windows doesn't scream
French Country to me.

I did, however, have an abundance
of Toile fabric still waiting 
to be put to work,
thanks to my very generous
friend, Missy.
I've hung onto this fabric for
quite some time, just using
bits and pieces here and there.
In our 
"house that we just borrowed"
{that's what Brock calls the rental},
I made a valance for the big sliding window
{which I took down before we moved and replaced with burlap}.

I then reused a part of that in my new
laundry room, with some to spare.

These drapes were a perfect solution!

I think I love them.

I didn't do any fancy sewing,
just straight as an arrow 
with no bling.

These tie-back's were saved from a remodel
job Mr. FPH did back in CA, 
that were headed for the dump. 

They were the "wrong" color
so a quick spritz of black paint fixed that!

I'll use little pops of Toile 
to tie everything together throughout
the house. Not too much,
just enough. 

Now the possums and raccoons
can't peek in anymore
{yes, we've had both looking in}.

Now onto the next project...

xo, Amber


  1. I love pops of toile...great solution!
    I want to see those peekers, though. ;)

  2. You have to get a shot of the woodland creatures peeking in and frame it for the kitchen..."Dinnertime yet? " lol

  3. I love toile. That is the perfect solution for that door....unless, of course, you decide to go with the tinting! lol xo Diana

  4. Amber,
    Yeah! I should do something...."I keep saying that....I don't think that means what I think it means....."...
    got do a post now or I will be in trouble with ....um..you ..or somebody!

  5. I bet either red will look great. I was trying to remove red from my home to in the past, but nope had to have it. So glad to find your blog.


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