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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Finally a Project!

With Fall in full swing, I decided to start cracking on getting a few things done that I have put off for no other reason than pure laziness. 
Hey, you gotta love my honesty!
Anyway, we bought this Provincial dresser and nightstand (not shown) at an Estate sale in CA months before we moved. It's intent (dresser) was to become our new vanity in our master bathroom but it sorta found its
 home in the dining room. 

Since I have a weak heart for the French look and I am a advocate for black, that was my choice for this piece.
I think it's really going to pop and be a huge part of
the overall look we have going in the house.

Black is wonderful but only
in bits and pieces.

I'm using it as an accent and am 
incorporating it through the house
to tie it all together.

Living with eclecticism, I personally
think you need to have some kind 
of element to tie it all together.

"Just my unprofessional opinion."

Our dining room is between the 
living room and kitchen,
so to me, it's kinda the anchor of the house.

I'm using things that both the kitchen
and living room have (wood tone and color)
to unify all the rooms.
And my beloved black.

Here is the anchor with a wet paint job.

I am letting it cure for a couple of days before
I finish with the distressing, antiquing and waxing.

I'll share my personal techniques with you
when it's done.

As I was working on this, my mind was working
overtime. Since the Mr. is working full time 
outside of the house, projects here are going 
a little slower, so I decided to do a little
sprucing to make it pretty until
we get to it and do it right.
Oh, I'll be sharing!

See ya back here in a few days with my
"Beautiful Antique French Treasure"

Enjoy your weekend!!

xo, Amber


  1. Amber....LOVE it! Can't wait to see your finish.....I should get to work finishing mine...and I am SURE my relay tactics are NOT from laziness....I think I am sure....
    ; )

  2. Look at you go! This will look incredible once you have worked your magic.
    I may never paint again after this office is finished- LOL!
    Hope you're feeling better, Amber. :)


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