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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Am I Going To Open A Store?!

Asked by a few people lately,
this question has been visited in my mind
over and over again.

my display of faux pastries and custom stands

It's been talked about, debated and 
written about in a 
pro's and con's type of list.

refinished furniture and boutique pillows

It's fun to talk about but
I never had intentions of it,
especially moving to the South.

sparkly pumpkins

Toile pumpkins (my favorite)
and custom cheese stands

I thought I would be running my
B & B right now and serving
breakfast and tea and having a little
in-house boutique with mementos of
a quaint little Country town. 

The Shanks home now owned by some wonderful peeps!

I would be spending my mornings
pressing coffee and making beds
and cutting flowers for sweet little
bouquets for my guests.

That's what I thought I would be doing.

"But, the location is perfect for a store."
Yes, it is!

NOT my image (I wish people would watermark their images!)
AND I doctored it up to reflect my idea of what
my boutique would look like if there ever was one
(similar but not exactly the same).
This is JUST an inspiration photo.
This is a real pastry shoppe in France
(with a different name, of course).

There's plenty of real estate to choose from.
I can see what it could look like.
Mentally, it could all very well work out.

My answer is...
I am not going to open a shoppe.

*It is not feasible for our family
to run a brick and mortar
right now, with young children.

*We're still finding our place here.

*We can't afford the time commitment or
the financial responsibility of it nor 
carry the worry of survival.

Do I still fantasize about it?
I We have it all painted out on how 
it would look, what we would sell,
the colors of it, the style of it,
the building(s) we could see it in, etc.

Yes, I could very easily do it if there 
weren't children to worry about and 
there was an ever flowing river of money.

See, I worry about these things A LOT.

So, in my plan, there isn't
going to be a "store" but, eventually,
another website and or ETSY.
Maybe I'll do a sale at the house
every once in a while when I need to 
purge some furniture.

I do see other opportunities though,
all of which I shall keep tucked 
under my wing, for now.
I'm still doing my "research".

Don't ask because I swore myself
to secrecy. 

Maybe someday.

Dreams are good.
They do come true.
But maybe they aren't "dreams", at all.
Sometimes His plan happens
to be, what we believe, to be our dream.
Look where we ended up. 
{big smile on my face as I type that sentence}

my cherub still awaits his garden.

When the time comes to 
Open Up Shop,
this is the place you will find out about it.

The horse (garage/shop/outbuilding) 
needs to come before the cart (online store).

Mr. B's tools are currently residing in my
 pantry, laundry room and basement
and the eviction notice is getting closer by the day.

{THAT'S why so little photos of the house!!}

I think you  catch my drift.

Time for a coffee break,
care to join me?

xo, Amber

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  1. Oh - I hear you. We recently started something that we thought about doing for years. It has been SO rewarding on so many levels including financial. It is that DREAM that keeps you going-that makes you push forward just a bit at a time. We have our dream board firmly planted on the office wall and it is starting to happen for us. God is Good AND Good things come to those that wait-as long as you don't wait too long. xo Diana


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