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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Planning Ahead

I was very excited to receive my 
2014 Catalog from
Murray McMurray today.

What is that?
CHICKS, baby!

I've got the pages dog eared 
and the numbers selected for each
breed we'd like to have.

Of course some Black and Buff Cochins 
shall be included with some other 
hearty layers because there is
nothing quite as pretty
trotting across the yard than
fluffy Cochins.

One of the girls from my old flock of four!

Our order will be divided with 
layers and meat birds.
{Did I mention that I've been on 
learning how to properly 
"take out" a bird?}

I'm actually looking forward to 
growing our own meat birds as well
as having home grown eggs again.

So, we still have a coop to build and
with Winter pretty much here, we'll
be waiting to order until the beginning
of February giving us plenty of time
to design the coop and lay out 
the back yard for my garden too.

Hopefully time doesn't fly as fast as it has the 
last several months!

In the meantime, I'll 
reminisce about my old girls...


xo, Amber

Tuscany 2007

P.S. I'm starting to think we should have bought a farm.


  1. cluck, cluck, cluck!
    I debate chickens on our farm every year, haven't yet ordered.
    Guess I will watch & learn from you!

  2. Oh my - did I tell you we have a yellow chicken coop? Did I tell you we've been checking out chicken breeds???? Did I tell you we DID buy a farm house??!! Too bad we live in different states - we could have some fun - and - share Mr. FPH!!


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