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Monday, January 5, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

There's nothing like fresh, crisp air to clear the cobwebs.

The past couple of days were spent outside working
on a little something and designing the location and
layout of the new garden area.

My sweet Mabel.
I decided on a permanent spot for the clothesline
so we  got my clothesline poles put back in {yay!}.
I look forward to hanging all of our linens again.
Oh, how I love my clothesline!

This is the old location.
I've been thinking about The French Pressed Home, the "business" and
the truths, since my last ranty post about it all.
I got several supportive emails which I am so grateful for
because you understand and those conversations really made
me feel so much better and made me think.
And boy, have I been thinking about it all, a lot.

What was I thinking?

Life is different for us now that we moved.
My mindset has stayed the same, though.

I don't need to have "something" to prove my worth.

My home is my business.

My family's well being is my life.

THAT is the most important thing.

I am going to work my fingers to the bone
in the dirt. :)

My blog is my life journal and I write it
to connect with others that have similar
interests, to share my flitty thoughts but mostly,
I write it for me.

So, instead of focusing on what "I'm supposed to do",
because that is all I know,
I'm rerouting those thoughts to what I
want to do.

We've been in our home for a year and a half.
We've worked on things, re-assessed things,
planned, executed and scratched it all and
did things different than we had planned.
It's all about learning, being open to change
and being flexible.
Guess what?
It is all working out.
I suppose I could learn from that, eh?

I am living my dream.
Right here. Right now.

What is meant to be will reveal itself,
on its own, in its own time.

Till then, I will just be.


  1. So refreshing. ...love those radishes unless they're beets

    1. Yes, radishes! :) I think I've expected too much of myself and have had this guilt looming over me. My new job is to grow food to feed the family. I'm so excited to be somewhat of a backyard horticulturist. Trial and error, right? :)

  2. You couldn't be more right, sweet friend. You are where God wants you to bloom, and you are perfect just the way you are. I am so happy for you and your family that you are surrounded by beauty, and have a relaxed, beautiful life. We miss you. But I know that this is what was meant for all of you. Happy new year, Amber, may it be filled with joy, good health, lots of laughter and a few surprises!

    1. I suppose you could say I was a little lost. Moving to a new place is exciting but you also have to find your place again. I don't think I ever stopped to take that deep breath and take inventory. Bruce and I had a great conversation about it all. The caregiver of our home IS an important job. One I know neither of us could afford to pay for. I am happy with my new found life. Love and miss you, Lidy! xo

  3. Hi - You have such a beautiful blog and home! It's my first time visiting and am so glad I did. We moved to a little farmstead (okay, that's also the name of my blog :) about a year ago... so we seem to be on similar tracks! We are near Seattle, WA so a much different part of the country (though I do LOVE the south). We are trying our hand at a little bit of gardening, animals, etc. with our kiddos. It's a very refreshing lifestyle (though lots of work too - a labor of love). Happy New Year! ~julie


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