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Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey Purdy Girls

I cannot, for the life of me, believe how fast 
this batch of chicks grew.
They are only 6 weeks old and are fully feathered. 
They didn't even go through that funky stage where they look
sickly, half feathered, half downed.

**Name correction! Blossom's name has been changed to Butterscotch, per Brockarooni.
Yesterday was a great day, we moved them out of the house
and into a house of their own.

Our poulailler {pooh-la-yee} (chicken coop) is almost entirely built with reclaimed material.
I wanted to use pallet wood but hubby is not a fan of nail removal
from that hard wood. I suggested the sawzall and all I got 
back was "the look". I guess that meant no. 

Since we have sub freezing temps right now, I cannot paint it.
I'm hoping it'll be warm enough this weekend, 
fingers crossed!

The porch: I LOVE the patina of this wood! 
It once was a ceiling of a porch
my husband redid in one of the old houses here.
 Obviously the wood around it is new but 
I'll be giving it this treatment along with the exposed
wood but I am leaving the chippy paint. 
Then, that baby is getting SEALED!

The door and screen: 
The door was our former front door and the
 screen is one of two that were from a barn clean out. 
The other screen door will become the entry door
to my garden which will be in front of the poulailler.
I am using Joanna's garden area as
an inspirational start:

Source: Magnolia Homes

Give it a couple of weeks and this will totally be transformed!
We have some old copper light fixtures {again, recycled}
 that will flank the front door. 
They are so cute and very storybook looking.

This segment of a picking ladder was also from that same barn. It will make for a great temporary roost until I find the perfect branches in the woods. 
I'm going for this look:

source: pinterest
And yes, there will be a chandelier in there.
I'm heading to Habitat tomorrow to see if I can find one
that I can refurbish, just like the good old days. I will paint it 
white though. Chickens are dusty and black is not the best color for anything in the coop!

How you doin? We're warming up!

You can see specks of down still poking through. It won't be long before they grow more and fill out. 
Can't wait for those eggs!

Now, to bundle up and get to work!

More updates to come soon.


  1. Oh, they are so cute and cute names. Can't wait to see your cute coop. Love all the ideas.

    1. Thanks Kim! We worked on it some more today and have the outside runs framed up. The cold is so bitter and bone chilling right now but the girls are warm and toasty inside. We'll be hunting for branches tomorrow!

  2. I am dying....LOVE...it all...the chandelier will be the most perfect thing of all..I am a huge Joanna fan...not so much on Chip since he ate the cockroach the other day.

    1. Oh my gosh was I ever cracking up when I read your email! I can't believe he did that! Eww! Their show is the only one I will sit down and watch. I love Joanna's style and the way she puts houses together. What a dream job!

  3. How fun! I can't wait to see it all finished for the girls!

    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for visiting. We recently had some oak trees trimmed and I found the perfect branches for roosts which hubby put in already. I'm sure it won't be long before they're on them. They still like to huddle in the shavings to sleep.

  4. Everything is looking good and I love your ideas for the coop! Thanks for sharing your sweet girls - so fun!! ~julie


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