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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Quick Cover

I just want to share a quick way to change up your
bedding without buying a new comforter or quilt.
I love my white Matellase bedding because it's pretty
classic, simple and serene. 
It's easy to wash and since our cat 
sleeps on our bed, I do it often.
It's a coverlet which allows me to layer
my bedding {underneath it} or pare it down, depending on the time of year.

I do like pops of color though, so I usually put a folded quilt underneath
my pillow shams so there's a contrast but it's not over-done.

Well, I happen to check out the remnant basket at JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago 
and found a good size of Waverly's Ballad Bouquet in Robin Egg Blue in there,
so I bought it. I figured there would be enough to make a throw pillow and at
that price {discount for remnants}, I was happy!

I did have enough to make a pillow, 
the lazy way of course, because 
A.) This chick doesn't sew zippers {yet- gonna learn}, and
B.) I knew I could whip it out quick since I am a do-it-now, gal.

I sewed it on the outside so I could leave a little flap
around it making the pillow appear larger than it truly is.
My stash of pillow forms are 22x22.

Well, I decided I really like that print and color so I decided
to purchase some extra fabric to make a little throw
to replace the quilts I was using before.
Gotta love 60% off!
I bought 2 yards {should have bought 3}
and just did a quick stitch all the way around.
I figured this would be a great way to change things up without
spending a fortune on new bedding or quilts or whatever!
I wish I did get that extra yard because it would look even better
hanging off the side a bit but, I still love it.

I'm considering painting our drywalled walls a similar
soft blue {I can't believe I'm saying that}.
Hmm....  we'll see. 
You know me and my mind changing. 

I'm looking forward to replacing my faux flower bouquets with fresh picked 
flowers from the garden, this spring.
And pictures of your children in your bedroom are supposedly a no-no {whoever made that rule up must not have kids}, but I love my Petunia in this picture. She had money and was so excited.
Yes, there's a picture of the boys on daddy's side. :)

Then there's this guy, who I caught peeping on my picture taking session.

Sorry little guy, there are nuts in the house but not the kind you eat. 

And, lastly... I want to show you my moo.
I don't buy stuff like this often but I have always loved this cow head so
I figured, what the heck!

I love it.

And that's that!

We'll be working on the coop some more this weekend.
I finished caulking yesterday before our rain today so hopefully it'll dry enough 
{and warm up} to paint this weekend.
Those girls need to get out and do some scratching!

See ya soon!


  1. I love that fabric, Amber...it's so pretty on the bed. Maybe you could hang a hammock on the coop for the squirrel- or convince your Mister to make a squirrel hut to match the chicken coop! LOL I'm glad you got the cow. I painted mine a few months ago. He was tired of being brown. ;)
    Will I be able to buy your vanilla???

    1. I love that fabric too. I looked for bedding but all the links I googled were old, which is a blessing because I know it's all pricey. Oh, those squirrels! They crack me up but drive Charlie nuts! They tease him bad! Yes, I will be selling the vanilla. I'll let ya know when it's ready. :)

  2. Pretty fabric and this chic doesn't sew at all. Raining here, too and cold.

    1. Once upon a time, I could sew. I used to make dresses for my niece when she was little.That was years ago and I would be scared to death to try to do that again! Straight lines? No problem! Trust me, I've learned how to use a seam ripper really well. Haha!

  3. I do my bed pretty much like that too. I use the white matellasse and mix and match pillows. Right now I'm trying to match some robin's egg blue pillows. I actually tried that fabric and the color isn't quite right. It's fun looking though. :)

    1. Shades of blue are extremely hard! Either they have a green tinge to them or they are just off for some reason. I like the Ballad Bouquet because it has greens, pinks and a bit of red in it. I'm thinking instead of blue paint, I might go with a sage green. The main living areas in our home are a soft beigy green so I think something a little bit darker would be nice. I've had our coverlet for years! I just can seem to like anything else. Good luck on your fabric hunt and thanks for visiting, Stacey!

  4. My mother was a genius at the sewing machine and I never learned. I hand stich all my pillows and have even been known to hot glue them together

    1. Girl, you have me laughing! Hahaha! Straight lines.... that's my key! And heck, unless I pin, sometimes they get catywompus! The grain of fabric usually isn't straight and it throws me off. I give you kudos for hand stitching. That would kill me since I lack patience.


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