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Sunday, January 18, 2015

I know...

What a wonderful weekend this girl had.
I put on my make believe and pretended
I was the inn-keeper of my
dream Bed & Breakfast.
We had company come {family}.
I spent the week deep cleaning, planning delicious menus,
shopping and preparing the accommodations.

It was the best week and weekend ever.

I am a cleaner by nature and DNA.
My mother was a lifetime housekeeper
and I went along on weekends to earn 
extra money and scrubbed toilets and ironed
sheets and pillow cases. 
I didn't care much for it at the time but
honestly, it instilled my love of cleaning. 
It's methodical, it's a stress reliever
 and I love the results
of my hands' efforts.
I payed special attention to our guests
allergies {pets-which we have} and know
it was a concern before they came.
I am happy to say, no sneezing, no wheezing,
no nothing! {I have my tricks and remedies}
He was exceptionally happy 
{so was I}.

The conversations we had were fantastic.
We laughed {a lot}, talked about farming and gardening,
talked about dreams and the future and my ego was boosted.
A lot.
Not the head in the clouds-damn I'm good, kind,
 but the get back to keeping the dream alive, kind.

I know what I'm made of.
I know my talents.
I know what I want to do for our family.
I know that it will work and
I know God has his plan.
I think this weekend was His message to me
to not give up, which I kinda had.

He sparked that love and passion in me again.

When it's time, it will happen.
I'll just keep believing in that.


  1. Trust in the Lord and remember dreams do come true! xox Maryjane

    1. Thank you Maryjane! I do and I know that when the time is right, it will happen. <3

  2. Oh Amber, I do the same thing ...dream of a B&B or prétend my home is one, and totally over clean it.

    Love your story, your dream, and all the family love you showed your family, as well as your sharing it with us.

    Beautiful post will visit soon.


    1. So happy you came to visit, Dore. Maybe we will have our dream and we can stay at one another's B&B. <3

  3. Love how hard you work and your effort. I have always cleaned my own house and owned a tiny bed and breakfast for a few years. Hard but joyous work. Scrubbing toilets is a good thing for everyone to be able to do. You family and friends are lucky

    1. It truly is a joyous work. I would love to hear more about your B&B, Gina. Scrubbing toilets... a must for the list of things to teach our children. :)


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