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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Are You a Modifier?

I have a bad habit of modifying recipes.
I have good intentions of following word for word,
ingredient for ingredient but,
I  am a rebel and always question authority.

I will read a recipe and think about what other
things would be wonderfully paired with the main body.


And, I'm a cookbook note jotter-downer so I can remember
what the heck I did then I write a note afterward
in relation to the taste and suggestions for next time.

Gonna be for some good reading for someone, someday.

My latest rebellious act was taking a basic
 white cake recipe and tweaking it by 
adding some yummy extract 
and a little of this and a little of that.

Off the charts delicious.

And, of course, I did the same for the frosting.

Almond and cherry = true love.

I shall hold tight, this wonderful combination.

I think it just might make me famous. 
{Just kidding. Okay, I'm not.} 

to be continued...


Come on in, the door's always open!