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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life in the Country

Traveling here, where we live, is relaxing.
There's no traffic on the country roads that lead to the city.
Some days I'll take a detour, a smaller country road,
 that loops back to the highway
just so I can crawl at a snails pace
 and take in the beauty of this place.
I never tire of it. 

I thought maybe you'd like to see...


The wind is picking up a bit right now 
as there's a storm headed our way.
We're in for a few days of rough weather.
Prepping the basement today, just-in-case.

xo, Amber


  1. Are the cows invited to your basement? ;) I am always terrified for the animals when storms are coming. Weather expected here, too- but no basements in Texas! Hoping that it all passes without another town being demolished and lives lost. Stay safe...the news is making it sound like Armageddon.
    I'm so glad that your move has been a good one and you are so enjoying your new home in the country. xo, T.

  2. I love those awesome old places...and that is gorgeous. We are close to the highway, and that's the quickest way to town, but on the days when I have the time, I take the backroads...loves them.

    Hope that the storm has gone in another direction from you.



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