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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eat Cake

I LOVE to bake so today,
I put on an apron and did.

I have created several new recipes of 
extremely moist (and delicious)
Bundt cakes.
Every week it's a new creation
and a new favorite.
Part of me wants to share
but the other part wants
to hoard my recipes
because there may be 
a day that I use them
for something special.

Yeah, sometimes I dream of opening 
a very petite bakery slash coffee shop in town
but it's not my true dream.
I mean, I could make it work but
there is really something else I 
really, really want to do. 
That's a whole other post of its own!

If I did (open a small bakery),
 I know I would have customers!
The Monday morning crew that comes around to 
pick up greens (limbs/leaves/clippings) are my
biggest fans right now.
If we have a big pile out there, I usually
get up early and bake their favorite:
Or I'll change it up and make some muffins
or cupcakes for them.

It's amazing how happy you can make someone
just by baking them a little something as a sign
of appreciation.

{Truth is, I just want to make sure they keep
coming back to pick up our piles!}

Today's new recipe is Double Vanilla Buttercream.

My taste testers approve (my boys).
Never does a cake have enough time to cool
before they are ready to sample.

Today was no different.

Happy Spring and eat some cake!
It will make you happy!

xo, Amber


  1. That looks absolutely delicious, Amber! I made my first bundt cake in years a week or so ago. I didn't prepare the pan properly and part of it got left in the pan..which I tried to "fix" with icing- looked awful but tasted good! xo Diana

  2. Cake is always the answer around here!
    You keep baking...it fills the soul as well the tummy!

  3. Would you like to move up here, I'd be a good customer, that cake looks delish.


  4. oh my goodness Amber! This looks so yummy! xox


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