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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Step By Step

As we progress through our complete-house-renovation,
my new rule is was,
"No more tearing out unless we have material
 to put it back together!"
Honestly, some things must be ripped out
so you can see what you're working with.
The staircase railing was one of those things.
We won't get into how atrocious that was or
how many beer cans we found underneath
the stair treads. That, my dear was another HUGE hint.
Not surprised though since the walls we've torn into
and the crawlspace in the ceiling had just as many.
Let the good times roll! Haha!

Ahem, back to the story...
Since we completely redid our old house before we gave it away,
there were things there that we loved.
And, yes, the staircase was one of those things.

The old house staircase had a pony wall that went down
the entire length and ended in the hallway.
It was very 1990's and it looked like 
everyone else's house in the 'hood. 
We had a better, more custom plan.

Bruce put a landing in and
turned it into the formal living room.
It was beautiful. 
Yeah, I miss that house.
Probably because the renovation
there was complete
{sometimes when you remember the past, you just remember
the good parts and forget the bad}.

Bruce designed and welded it
and we're doing that again in our
new home.
We picked out material last night and are going
with the same newel posts and pickets but
going with a different hand rail and end.

Oh, I cannot wait!

The iron inside the house will match the iron outside the house.
An unexpected cottage surprise. 

{Have I mentioned how lucky and happy I am that I married
a very talented man? The man has skills!}

The upstairs will then be completely walled for
Petunia's bedroom and bathroom with plenty of room for a new guest room.
The guest room will have a "balcony" overlooking
the great room (another idea taken from another house I lived in)
and have the spectacular view of the woods.
I'll make a curtain that can be drawn for privacy.

Yesterday was demo day:

Thank goodness I have pictures to envision what it'll look
like one day.

May you all have a Blessed Easter.

xo, Amber


  1. I love that your husband is making the stairs- again.
    Beer cans! Good grief. I just happened to walk in to the first house we owned and saw the carpet guys lay carpet pad right over a Taco Bell bag!
    Have a great Easter, Amber!

  2. Happy Easter..The idea of so much construction exhausts me..lol I guess these bones have gotten too old..or maybe it's that I work in construction zones all day that I need calm at home...
    But you guys have the spirit! Onward!

  3. That is going to look wonderful when it is done. We had a pony wall or two in this house when we moved in, too. Can't wait to see your stairwell all done. Wow! Just think - you can replace those beer cans with your drink of choice! lol

  4. Hi Amber. Beautiful staircase. I love the placement of the little rocking horse too. It was so nice to see you stop by my blog, Happy Easter to you too.

  5. The staircase in your previous home is gorgeous! I know this home will be just as lovely.
    Thank you so much for your visit.
    Mary Alice


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