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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Want Babies

We went to the city yesterday to pick up
some cattle panels at Tractor Supply.

After peeling my three boys and girl
 away from the
clothing and boot department,
we finally got to venture through the rest
of the store but not before the Mr.
got some new work boots and a John Deere
t-shirt that the boys picked for him to match 
their JD ball cap and t-shirts
(we don't even own a tractor yet but when we do, 
I hope it's green) and Petunia got
a new winter coat for next year at 60% off.

Anyway, as we walked further along,
I heard babies.

Fluffy, downy, extremely cute babies, 
chirping and squeaky quacking.

We didn't bring any home
but you better believe I'm fixin' to.

I'm tempted to do what I did last time...
get the chicks so my coop
gets bumped up on the list.

Devious? Mmmmmmaybe.

xo, Amber


  1. Get them, Amber...I need to live the chicken life thru you! And live under your trees.

  2. Cute pics Amber! I am a chicken mama again so I know how you feel. You had chickens here in Temecula didn't you? xox

  3. What is it about spring that makes our hearts open to the possibility of new babies entering? Chicks, kittens, puppies...



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