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Monday, May 5, 2014

This and That

A leave of absence from blogging means work
and progress are being made!

The stairs are constructed, primed and caulked.
I won't paint those until we construct the walls upstairs
 in case there's an oops with something dropping on them.


The railing upstairs (picture below) will be gone and that 
will be a solid wall to the ceiling. 
That loft will then become our new guest room.

I'll be painting and antiquing the stairs and trim
 in ASCP French Linen and painting the treads 
a rich warm brown with some antiquing.
I'll be looking forward to that!

 We now have crown moulding installed in the kitchen,
 dining room and hallway (yay!) so now I get to
caulk all of that. Not complainin', it's UP!
And, I decided to repaint my pink ceiling, white.
Just not feeling the pink anymore. It looks dirty
with the crown in place.

We have also planted some Snowball Viburnum bushes and Hydrangea between our house
and our neighbors to create a living fence 
and to make amends
(Bruce accidentally cut some bushes to the ground. 
Only they didn't look like bushes. 
They looked like tree suckers under the Oaks so
he was "cleaning up".). She's happy now (I hope).
I baked her a chocolate cake, just in case.
Everything is better after cake, right?

We got all the scrap lumber piles 
up off the ground and cleared more 
vines and brush (giving us another 30-40 feet of real estate)
so hopefully we don't have any snake hiding places.
We are trying to eliminate all the 
wild shrubbery around the back
 so we can eradicate as many ticks and critters
as possible! Once we get a clear barrier between the yard
and the woods, I think we'll be way better off. 
The nightly tick inspection has been
incorporated into the schedule, so no biggie.

The gazebo has gotten a new coat of black paint to match
the iron on the house. It looks much fresher and new!
Hopefully the grapes will start growing!

I'm sure I'm missing some other stuff but...


We did manage to squeeze in a few hours of
fun on Saturday, though.
Our City has what is called
The Chunnennuggee Fair
and this was our first one.

Southern BBQ, Funnel Cakes, pony rides, shopping
 and chatting with friends.

We had a great time.
Maybe (maybe) next year we'll have a booth.

But next year,  I will try a fried pickle!

... and now, I'm off to caulk!

More photos to come later this week of the 
completed projects and a clean house.

xo, Amber

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  1. How can you exist in this world without fried pickles??? I once paid my friend's son five bucks to try one while we were on vacation. He loved them and ate the whole basket. Big mistake on my part! ;)
    I'm so glad you guys had some fun after all that hard work!


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