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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Projects...

This is gonna be a long one and
I could probably save some of this material for 
THREE separate posts 

We'll start with the front.
Something new to me is Pine Straw.
The first time I saw it being used, 
we were at the State Capitol
and the landscapers were putting it out.
I never saw this in CA as ground cover!
So, I jumped on the Southern wagon and used it to
spruce up the front of the yard.
Looks pretty nice!

It even looks great filling in the 
dirty-dirt in my *new* mint bed!

Mr. Jim is a plant grower and brought
 over several flats of mints (four varieties) 
and tomatoes and delicious basil, 
so I got a huge jump
start on my Alabama garden this year!

Thank you Mr. Jim!

My garden is not what I wanted it to be
BUT since the dog's pen is smack dab
 in the middle of the yard right now,
it'll do for this year.

I don't expect much but I'm hoping for a miracle. 
I shoveled so much seasoned horse and steer manure
that those roots better love me! Haha!
We shall see!

Alas, I must say that I am truly amazed 
with my husband and his skills. 
He has a gift of taking an idea, 
thinking it through in his head,
sketching it out on a piece of
 cut-off wood and he builds it. 

His friend once said that if he 
were ever stranded on a deserted island, 
he would want him (Bruce) with him because 
Bruce can make anything out of nothing.
I have to agree.
Have you ever watched Naked and Afraid?
If he were ever on that show, 
they'd have the tightest, bug free hut 
ever known to man. 

This man has made A LOT of things
 for me/us out of an idea that I've had.
The only difference is he makes it better,
 stronger and more beautiful.
I know one day we'll get back to making
goods to sell like we did in CA.
He misses that wood working stuff.

I am a lucky girl.
In his spare time, he whipped out
my new clothesline that I wanted for Mother's Day.
(Today, the lines will be installed so I can hang clothes tomorrow!)

And, right now he's making our original
 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath house
into a 4 bedroom, 3 full bath home,
without adding on.
I'm excited to have a "real" guest room!

All the upstairs will be done before he makes the iron
railing. It will make for easier up and down with material.

Oh, the things he does after work and on weekends.
Yes, he has ADD. ;)

That pretty much sums up a weekend
at the French Pressed home.

Oh, except for this....

The outdoor shower is on the list.

xo, Amber


  1. Everything is looking good Amber.....always a lot of fun (and work) making a "fixer-upper" house a HOME. Love to see the projects, and progress!!! Keep em coming....Take care!! Miss you!! ♥Kerri

  2. Love that last picture-it makes me think of that saying...happier than a pig in mud! lol

    Great job with everything so far, Amber. It is great to have a handy hubby...I could use one of those- xo Diana

  3. Your presence is missed here in Cali, but what a blessing to be somewhere so fun! LoLo's Chateau/ Sheila

  4. I love your clothesline! You are such a lucky girl to have a handy hubby.
    We had a zillion pine trees at our old house- we were constantly raking up the pine needles. They are great as mulch. Your mint! I can smell it from here. I love all varieties. I'm in love with Cinnamon Basil this year, too.

  5. Hi Amber.... (yes it is me... truly I made it over... :)
    Well... I love your new laundry line posts... those look tres Chic!
    (I do not think I have ever seen such pretty laundry posts... - may I copy them?)
    I can not wait to see what else you guys will be up to... and huh is the little one making bricks out of mud? :)

    Till soon girl!


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