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Monday, August 3, 2015

Working On It!

While the blogger is away, the paint brushes and creativity play.

And so do baking pans and a KitchenAid mixer.
Irrelevant but these cupcakes turned out amazing and I had to share.

I wish I could say that was the whole reason behind my time away, but it's not. 
To give you an inside look of our personal, personal life, one of the twins 
had his open heart surgery during that lull, 
so while residing in the hospital for a week and mending back at home, 
I had no energy to do anything but get back on track 
emotionally, mentally and physically.

He's good, I'm good, we're all good!
Now back to regular check ups with the next "big one" 7-10 years down the road.
Sigh of relief and sigh of being able to not worry about that again for a while.

I think that little "rest" was good for me {that's tongue in cheek, ya know}. 
It inspired me to start doing projects in and on the house again. 
I've done some deep cleaning, organizing, rearranging and reworking some 
pieces that have been in dire need of attention. 
With school starting next week, I've compiled a list of my own 
"Amber Do's" to get done while I have those quiet hours.
 It's amazing what you can get done when you're under the gun! 
I've had the itch all summer but with my boys, short projects would drag 
on, and on, and on. You know, because of snack breaks, wrestle mania refereeing, etc. 

 We did manage to get a few things done with the most recent improvement being the dining table and chairs, which got a complete overhaul.
I finished the last chair this morning and now it is beautiful!

It was a re-do a few years ago but it took a beating with
 our move and we grew complacent with its flaws.

Full exposure coming in the next post because it looks nothing like this now.

Rearranging furniture and in house shopping...

Since we are on the verge of overhauling the main downstairs bathroom,
the antique dresser we had in the living room is getting its new job (and facelift)
 and moving in as a vanity.
{Again, another future post.}

Since we're going with a farmhouse look, 
we painted it white and I'll be doing my wood grain painted top. 
It will have a drop in sink, which meant reconstructing the inside of the drawer's. 
{I know a guy that's good at that kind of stuff ~ wink, wink.}

 The little French table that was in the kitchen by the window seat was moved to the living room
in place of the dresser and I really love it there.

 You can really see the detail in the skirt and legs now. 
When it was in the kitchen, it was hidden in the corner and covered with stuff.

The rustic entry table was moved to the great room and boy, did it ever make a difference. 
The room feels pulled together and warmer. I love it!

And, we made a decision on the red wall in the dining room. 
I've picked some samples and we are still deciding, but we know 
we really like the old world feel of a tumbled, antique looking brick. 
We'll see what the final outcome is on that one.

AND, to top it all off, I've been accepted into my first Vintage Market in the South!
 It's kinda the only one I've ever applied to, too. 
I will be baking pastries and treats for The Market on Chapel Hill in October!

Somewhat of a different twist on my former business BUT my pastry boutique will have the Vintage feel with my favorite displays just like Black Rooster Cottage did.
 My husband is starting to loathe Pinterest.
 "If you show me a picture." he says. Oh honey! {Big mistake!}
All those old windows, shutters and doors we have piled on the side of the house
are going to be something fun to play with.

Now to work on that menu....

See ya in a few!

p.s. Mr. C says bye!


  1. Well, my goodness Amber! I am so sorry to hear one of your darling twins had open heart surgery! Bless his little HEART! I will keep him and his sweet mommy in my prayers. A lot, a lot to deal with. Your home is sure shaping up there and congrats on being in a show! Wow, very exciting! Think of you often! XOX

    1. Thank you Maryjane! It's been quite the journey but we alive and well and healthy! Can you believe it about the market? Oh, I cannot wait. I am very excited to get back to booth creations. October will be here so quick! :)

  2. Great to hear that all went well with the surgery. I am so excited you are in at The Market on Chapel Hill! I will definitely be one of your customers! Love that old wood table and your style. Best wishes on all.

    1. Thank you Deb. Yay! I can't wait to meet you! Have you been to any past shows? Such a fun place to be with so many great vendors. I just read they are having a coffee cart there too (yippee!) and another local caterer for meals which has been there in the past. I'm really looking forward to it. Time to get to work on some of the old cabinets we have stashed in the screen porch!

    2. Yes, I was lucky enough to be there at last year's event. I took my MMS book and got her to sign it. I had already had Shaunna sign my copy of her book at her store. I wasn't too far back in line and couldn't believe how much was already sold when I got in the door! Big items too! I think you will do very well and I am so looking forward to it. If the caterer is the same one from last year, (I didn't see yet) she has great food and lives in The Waters. Layla (Lettered Cottage) posted her shrimp and grits recipe once and I made it - awesome!

  3. Glad to hear things "went "well and are "going" well. The house looks fab as always. Running in different directions keeps us lively...AND exhausted :D

    1. Oh, thank you Z! You are so right about the exhausted part. I had a local friend ask if I ever stop thinking of things to do. I said unfortunately no. It's a curse. Maybe if we had a really nice Southern porch I'd bide my time swinging, napping and sipping sweet (passion tea lemonade) tea. I told my husband that I need to have a place of business to go to everyday so I can focus. Hmm....

  4. Oh! I just adore your old typewriter! It make the vignette.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

    1. Isn't it great, Michelle? It is one of my finds while I had my boutique in California. I'd casually stroll through the Antiques mall while making trips out to my truck to replenish my space. My eyes had a fun time spying great pieces. Some came home with me and others would have sucked up too much of my commission check so they stayed. :) Coming over to visit you!

  5. Wow Amber so glad that part is done! Cupcakes look divine

    1. Me too, Gina. It will be nice to put that on the lowest part of the list for a while. And those cupcakes... I have an order today. Life is GOOD!


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