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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The FPH Garden

Summer surely has been a Summer! 
As we head toward the tail end,
the garden proves it to be so.

My tomatoes are just about depleted  with
no new blooms so I am 
 considering pulling them this weekend to
prepare the beds for the start of my
Fall garden.

Since Spring, I've been working 
two compost piles that are so ready to 
be put to use. We live on a mound
of sandy loam so it desperately needs the

My daughter makes fun of me, but
I love turning those piles with my pitch fork.
It makes me feel like I'm doing something
good. I'm proud of my dirt! 

The worms abound at the bottom and they surely
have done their due diligence.

As I sit at the dining table looking
out to the coop and garden,
I see my small patch of zinnia, with 
colorful hats, that I planted
 because I fell in love
with a friends zinnia patch.

They will become a staple in my 
Spring garden from here on out. 

Regardless of the time of day,
butterflies flutter about out there
and I see the occasional 
hummingbird. I don't put
sugar water out here, but
I will definitely continue my plantings
with them in mind.

Our garden fared pretty well.
I didn't get an abundance of cucumber
or zucchini that I had hoped for but
I replanted both recently and they are doing great.
We'll see what we get!

I signed up for planting reminders

You plug in your zip code and it
sends you updates for sowing 
seeds, indoors or out based on the 
season and area.

Right now (for us), we're looking
at Bush Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Carrots,
Cucumber, Kale and Turnips.

I won't plant all of those but I like
the guidance of suggestion and 
it gives me ideas for recipes
to use them in. 

And the pool. It'll be finding a new permanent 
 spot not in front of the window, next Summer.


  1. Life is wonderful at The French Pressed Home no matter what season it is! xox

    1. It certainly is, Maryjane. Every season brings something new to be grateful and happy for. I think I'm pretty ready for Summer to take a rest though. :)

  2. Sweet sweet coop and post.....
    hope is much cooler in Alabama.

    1. We're still pretty warm, Rita, but we get regular rain which makes it beautiful and green. The humidity doesn't bother us. We just deal with it. It will be gone before too long and the chill will be here. Looking forward to lower humidity so I can make Macarons!


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