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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vintage Dishes

Can you believe we've lived here for two years and 
this past weekend was my first real treasure hunt?
I mean, I've gone junking here and there but this time,
I was on a mission for specifics and I found them.

I usually set a limit on my expenditures and I was
completely ecstatic that I came home with leftover. 

I found all sorts of vintage plates and china, mostly 
mis-matched but some matchy-matchy sets too.
I think my favorite of this round was
the pink Mary Kay set.

I will be heading out again on Wednesday with 
a new junking buddy that has some hot spots
that she's willing to share (yay!). 

I recently bought some components for creating pastry stands, which I love.
I don't think I'll start on those just yet so I can see if I can find some other
pieces to go with the ones I have.
Rest assured, Mary Kay will not see the tip of a drill!

Since I'll be selling delicious sweets at 
I thought that vintage kitchen goods and wares 
would be a great accompaniment to pastries, don't you?

I'll let you know what I find on my next rendezvous,
 hopefully cake plates, domes and crates!

Happy weekend, friends!


Come on in, the door's always open!