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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Things are changing (at a snail's pace) at FPH
but it's progress, right?
My Mr. worked on the main bathroom this past
weekend and textured the upper portion of walls 
and ceiling. 
Oh, and he also started tearing out the 
shower tile which, oy vey. That's all that
needs to be said about that. 
I have the vanity done, ready to go,
so as soon as the new tub is in our possession,
we will proceed.

We are laying slate (porcelain) tile with a pattern 
and under that, we are putting
in radiant heat. 
Since we don't have central heat or air,
the bathroom gets mighty chilly in the winter.
Four of us share this bathroom
(Sissy has her own bathroom) for now,
so until the master bath is done,
this will be nice!

My real job is keeping me elbow deep in flour
and frosting,
and I am loving every minute of it!
I am excited for future growth.

And in my free time (hmm), I've been piddling
around. I found an old bridesmaid dress on
my last treasure hunt and the color was one that
I could not pass up.
Pumpkin season is almost here so that dress is
being recycled into
Cinderella Pumpkins.

I am making some for the Pumpkin Patch just
outside town and some to keep and some to
sell through FPH. I may take a few
to The Market on Chapel Hill in October.

I'm hoping sweet Fall isn't too far off.
I'm ready for chilly mornings, how about you?


  1. Amber,
    Yes...do bring some of those cuties to the show.


  2. We are still a long way from chilled mornings here in Texas but it is dropping down to around 80. That's a huge improvement.

    Can't wait for fall!!

  3. I can tell that you are so right at home there, Amber. I love reading your posts, and thinking of you, far away, but so happy. The pumpkins are beautiful.

  4. So beautiful, Amber....everything you touch is beautiful! Loving my towels by the way!


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